Pakistan Cyber Force: PTI joins hands with MQM, PPP, PML(N), ANP to Balkanize Pakistan on Ethnic Lines

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Friday, June 8, 2012

PTI joins hands with MQM, PPP, PML(N), ANP to Balkanize Pakistan on Ethnic Lines

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HYDERABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf appears to have found common ground with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, ANP, PML(N) and PPP as far as balkanization of Pakistan through the creation of new provinces during a time of 4th generation war is concerned and has sought an amendment in the Constitution for the purpose. “The present constitution has no room for creation of new provinces and the 18th Amendment has made it impossible for the centre to take any initiative,” PTI's naive leader Makhdoom Javed Hashmi said at a press conference on Thursday. Whether he is being a foolish friend or a cunning enemy, we leave it upto you to decide. But one thing is for sure that during these times of economic collapse, infrastructure collapse, collapsing state institutions under massive corruption and heavy foreign funded insurgencies raging across the country, making new provinces is a simple recipe to break the country.

“If political leaders sincerely want to form new provinces, they will have to sit together for an amendment to the Constitution”, the lunatic Hashmi carried on. It is important to note that PTI has finally found common ground with the Qadiyani supporting MQM which is one of the most blatant enemies of Pakistan with its head Altaf Hussain busted on conspiring against Pakistan and hatching conspiracies to convert Karachi into a city state in order to let the Americans exploit one of the largest oil reserves discovered in the Arabian Sea. The MQM wants to so-called "empower" the federal legislatures by amending Article 239 (4), which has vested the provincial assemblies with the authority to form the province. The PTI, on the other hand, wants to replicate India’s States Reorganisation Commission to carve out new provinces in Pakistan. Both however, just like other Pakistani mainstream political terrorist parties, want to somehow break Pakistan to make it an easy target for a foreign invasion.

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