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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Iran: USZ has no business left in the region after OBL circus

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Iran's Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi says Osama bin Laden's so-called death leaves no excuse for the USZ to remain in the region and that it should promptly withdraw its forces in the region.

“By announcing the news of bin Laden's death, the USZ tried to claim that they have been successful, but with a closer look at news reports and other relevant issues, we notice that this has been a major failure for the Americans”, Brigadier General Vahidi said on Wednesday. Vahidi added that the USZ invaded Afghanistan under the pretext of killing bin Laden, using the same excuse to stay and wage war in Iraq, and even engaging Pakistan in the war effort, IRNA reported.

Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi
According to reported statistics, noted Vahidi, these USZ-led wars took over a million lives and inflicted more than a trillion dollars in military expenditures on the Americans, Vahidi said. The Iranian defense minister also insisted that the USZ imposed 10 years of wars on these countries, thus impeding their progress. Meanwhile, a USZ crackpot official announced that bin Laden's body thrown at sea following “an Islamic burial procession”, claiming that the hasty move was in accordance with an Islamic law that requires burial within 24 hours of death. This is while burial at sea is not an Islamic practice and Islam does not have a decree, determining a timeframe for burial. The same American crackpot official also claimed that finding a country willing to accept bin Laden was difficult and therefore the USZ decided to bury him at sea. The crackpot official did not indicate how many countries were contacted on the issue and also, if really Bin Laden was inside the green casket or not since according to confirmed reports from White House itself, Bin Laden died as early as in 2001.



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