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Monday, January 9, 2012

Memo: PPP Regime Denies Pakistani Visa to Mansoor Ijaz

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Pro-USZ stooge Satan Malik
Confirmed reports coming from various media outlets and private news channels reveal that the pro-America PPP regime is hesitating in granting Pakistani visa to Mansoor Ijaz, unlike how easily thousands of CIA officials were issued visas through Hussain Haqqani with no problems at all. Mansoor Ijaz, the USZ citizen at the heart of the Memogate treason case against Pakistan's traitor government, is being denied a Pakistani visa due to the so-called charade of "security concerns". The move came just a day after Pro-America stooge Interior Minister Satan Malik’s statement that Ijaz would have to apply for a visa if he wants to appear before he commission investigating Memogate.

“We cannot issue a visa to him [Ijaz] until he gets clearance from the concerned security agencies”, said a senior stooge from the ministry of interior. “The fate of Ijaz’s visa links to his security assurance in Pakistan”, he added, also confirming that Ijaz will have to apply for a visa through the normal channels. Ijaz’s counsel Akram Sheikh said in response to Malik’s statement: “My client has been denied visa … as I learnt.” Sheikh, in a plea on Friday, also sought direction from Justice Qazi Faiz Isa, chairman of the commission investigating Memogate, regarding the visa. “The commission may direct either to the Swiss Embassy or the British High Commission in London.”

“If Ijaz is given a Pakistani visa he will unearth all the secrets”, said Sheikh. He added that, if the government does not issue a visa to Ijaz then he will request the Supreme Court to ensure the presence of his client at the commission. If Ijaz is still unable to visit Pakistan, he will ask the commission to record his statement through a video link. Finally, he said that some key lawyers are preparing Ijaz’s case in Islamabad.

The commission may record his statement under the ‘Qanoon-e-Shahadat’ Order 1984. This order allows the use of modern technology to be used in court. Ijaz himself wrote a letter to the Attorney General, stating that he will not appear before the commission until his demands are met by the government, according to Husain Haqqani’s Counsel Zahid Bokhari. “If the government of Pakistan does not meet my 19 conditions then it will be difficult for me to appear before the commission”, Ijaz apparently said.

American Stooge Interior Minister Satan Malik and Stooge Interior Secretary Siddique-e-Akbar have neither confirmed nor denied the latest development. However, other top government officials do not even know whether Ijaz has applied for visa or not. American Stooge Presidential Spokesperson Farhatullah Babar says: “He [Ijaz] is a USZ national and can come to Pakistan only after getting a visa. I’m not sure if he has even applied for a visa yet.” Foreign Office spokesperson Abdul Basit did not know about any denial of a visa to Mansoor Ijaz. “I’m unaware of when and where Mansoor applied for Pakistan’s visa”, he said.

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