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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ishq-e-Rasool (sm) - The key to success in the world and hereafter

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 Not only is this a message to all those “revolutionaries” who are taking the Ummah from frying pan to fire, but also to those who are fighting for a just cause but with a dishonest intention and a weak character. Baba Iqbal (ra) had given us the solid guideline in the following words:

“Those who want to die for a just cause, must first bring life in their souls”

There are many fools, who are gratifying themselves by talking about revolutions, and at the same time, have profile pictures on Facebook of Indian film stars. When you have no morals, when you have no strength of character, when you have no connection with Rasool Allah (sm), where do you get the audacity to even speak of bringing about a positive change?

To change the world, you must first change yourself. Picking up a just cause is easy, but making yourself worthy of fighting for that cause is hard. Is your character strong enough; is your intention pure enough, that Allah will definitely accept your sacrifices?

Yesterday I was so clever, I wanted to change the world. Today I am so wise, I am changing myself.(Mevlana Rumi)

This is indeed a very sensitive, deep, and important topic. At this stage, do not make any compromises! Whether it is about watching a bollywood movie with a friend, or risking your neck for the sake of Islam and Pakistan, do not compromise! Men of Allah had said before that the Ummah will be desperate to unite again, but its indulgence in Hindu and Christian cultures will become a massive obstacle. It is not possible; that a Muslim is part of the team that is reviving this Ummah, and at the same time is living a sheeple life without any spiritual, moral values. We have to take aggressive and radical stances now.

Character building is a vast topic, and in the modern days, who has explained it in the light of Quran and Sunnah better than Iqbal (ra)? Self-respect, dignity, honor, courage, faqr, tolerance, and most importantly, Ishq e Rasool (sm) are all factors of a Mo’min’s character. If these factors are not found in your soul; then your khudi is not high enough for Allah to use you as an instrument to bring khair in this world.

There is no khair without adab e Rasool (sm). All great men who brought khair for this Ummah and the world at large, had a personal spiritual connection with Rasool Allah (sm). Their characters were so strong and their intentions were so pure, that Rasool Allah (sm) would directly order them to lead and serve the Ummah. Do you have a connection with Sayyidi Rasool Allah (sm) in which you directly take faiz from him?

“Be loyal to Muhammad (sm), and Allah is yours. This universe is nothing, the tablet and pen are yours”- Baba Iqbal (ra)
All khair (Good) revives around the presence of Rasool Allah (sm). If he (sm) is present in your intentions and in your heart, and if he (sm) is the most important aspect in your life, then congratulations, you will be successful in this life and the next.

“With the power of love, make all humble, and enlighten the world with dear Muhammad (sm)’s name”- Baba Iqbal (ra).
An igniting, heart touching speech on Ishq-e-Rasool and Adab-e-Rasool s.a.w which will set your soul on fire!

Over here Baba Iqbal (ra) has described the ultimate method to revive this Ummah; the blessed name of Rasool Allah (sm)! If you are not close to him, then wake up from your Abu Lahbi and reach him. By God, there indeed is no khair without faizan e Nabwi (sm).

All those who are striving for change, but are not being loyal to Rasool (sm), you will not get a lot of warnings! You will only produce anarchy and fasad (chaos) by implementing the same system after coming in power. For God’s sake, you cannot be compromised anymore. You cannot be living a filthy and morally pathetic life while struggling for positive change. Time is very limited, and compromised characters (on adab e Rasool (sm)) will not be entertained!

Today, the only change that can bring khair is the completion of Pakistan. To complete Pakistan, men of Allah are striving to implement those commands of Quaid e Azam (ra) and Iqbal (ra), which were hidden from us. They commanded us to create new and original systems of economics, governance, and justice in the light of Quran and Sunnah. They ordered us to implement the law of Quran in this independent Islamic state. They ordered us to fight aggression, wherever it may be. They commanded us to liberate Kashmir and Palestine. And all these targets cannot be achieved if the people striving for them have weak and compromised characters, are living lives without limitations of Shariah, are stone hearted, and have no spiritual connection with Rasool Allah (sm).

Remember, Allah is carefree, and He will not have any hesitation in changing us and bringing another people to implement his will, if we keep following Hindu and Christian cultures. Khair is coming soon insha’Allah, it is we who have to make ourselves worthy of becoming part of it.

Mohammed Danyal Adnan
Pakistan Cyber Force



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