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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why balkanization of India is necessary?

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It is neither Afghan Taliban, nor Pakistani extremist groups that are the root cause of all the turmoil in the region today. In actuality, it is the Brahmin Zionost ruling elite sitting on the throne of Delhi, which are causing all the disorder. My statement would probably astonish you and you would not believe me at first being a mainstream follower. But this truth can only be unveiled if you open your eyes and consider the following facts. P.S., This can be only done if you empty your mind from the mainstream fed filth.

The war monger Chanakya - A great philosopher of Hindu terrorism
The Indian government, or the “Brahmin” government, follows two ideologies. One ideology is the strategy of Chanakya. It revolves around the concept that “if you want to kill a tree, give it sweet water”. When you give it sweet water, the whole world will perceive you as a positive and cordial person, but in reality, you will be killing the tree, since sweet water will attract all kinds of parasites that will eventually feed on the roots. Today India is using its media and its films to portray the image of “Aman ki Asha” and “Operation milaap”, and through these images it is softening up the Pakistanis towards the Indians. There are many journalists on both sides that keep blabbering that Pakistan should learn from the “peaceful” and “democratic” approach of India; this is all part of the process giving sweet water to the tree i.e., damaging the founding ideology of Pakistanis, and changing their perspective of India.

While the media is busy presenting India as the champion of freedom and tolerance, The Indian RAW is arming and training terrorist separatist groups like BLA and TTP to wage an urban, forth generation war against the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (which is already in its final stages!). The public is busy watching Indian movies and holding peace talks with Indian delegations, whereas factually, the nation is in a state of war with Indian backed terrorists. This is exactly where Chankya comes into action. To the whole world, Pakistan and India are most favored by each other, but deep behind the scene, the Brahmins biased ruling elite  are waging urban wars in Pakistan to soften it up for a full-scale Indian invasion. “Dagger in the pits, Ram Ram on the tongue”. 


A Hindutva activist
The other ideology that massively shapes Indian foreign policy is the Hindutva. The main idea that this doctrine revolves around is the unrealistic dream of Akhand Bharat. A unified, Hindu dominant India, that stretches from Kabul to the borders of Malaysia. This is the sole reason, why Indians opposed (and still oppose) the existence of Pakistan. A Pakistan in this region is a massive obstacle in their goal of creating an Akhand Bharat, simply because the Pakistani Muslims do not bow down to Brahmin arrogance. If it wasn’t for Pakistan, the region from Kabul to Bangladesh would probably have been under the siege of the Indian army by now.

In the past 60 years, India has tried to harm every single neighbor, in their attempts to somehow weaken the neighboring states so that they can become Indian colonies, and eventually can serve the purpose of Akhand Bharat. Some examples are below:

Nepal is a country that shares its borders with only two countries, India and China. The border with China is basically a natural division, caused by the Himalayan mountains, and thus there is no land route that gives access to Chinese land for trade and other purposes. The only way they can possibly stay in touch with the rest of the world is through India. India has availed this opportunity very cunningly, and has ceased control over the economic and military aid/imports of Nepal. The aim of this was to make sure that Nepal receives help and expertise from no one other than India, so that Nepal becomes completely dependant on the Brahmin Zionist ruling elite. Today Indians are massively investing in Nepal, and are building colonies inside the country. The foreign policy of Nepal is under heavy influence of the Brahmins. Basically, Nepal exists at the “mercy” of the Indians.

Sri Lankans were also target of Brahmin aggression, when India deliberately backed the Tamil Tigers to cause unrest in the Sri Lankan island. This was also under the agenda of Hindutva. The Tamil Tigers had raised hell in Sri Lanka, and the Sri Lankans had to fight a 30-year long war against the Indian-backed Tamil Tigers to regain the lost land. Pakistan gave important assistance to the Sri Lankans in this war.

Bangladesh is also a result of the Hindutva ideology. The crossing of
international borders by the Indian armed forces to “liberate” Bangladesh (in which they received heavy damage from the Pakistan army, and had to capture Dhaka through air because their ground forces were finding it impossible to defeat the defense of Pakistan Army) and to loot the streets of Dhaka was all part of the plan to make East Pakistan (Bangladesh) an Indian colony, just like Nepal.

Today, if there is any obstacle in the path of Brahmin dominant Sub-Continent, it is Pakistan. Pakistan is an Islamic state, that was created to counter the immense persecution of Muslims at the hands of Brahmins all around India. The Pakistani Muslims have fought three wars against the hegemonic Indian Army, and has proved to them that there is another force existent in this region, that has the ability to counter every single attempt of aggression by Zionists. Pakistan is the recipient of the 1400-year-old history of Muslims, and the power that scares every single evil of the world.

The future policy makers of Pakistan must prepare for an aggressive stance against India. They must base their policies on the agenda of balkanizing India, because that is the only solution to the problems of this region. India itself, is the home of numerous princely states, many of whom demand separation. There are more than 80 insurgencies active in India that are based on religious discrimination. The dream of a Brahmin dominant Akhand Bharat must be countered with aggressive policies in favor of separatist elements inside India, if Pakistan wants to secure the future of itself and other “minorities” in the region. It is not hidden anymore that how threatening India has become for the countries around due to its sinister, Hindu Zionist ideologies. 

Muhammed Danyal Adnan
Pakistan Cyber Force



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