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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Slapped in the Face by Pakistan, USZ envoy Grossman whines away to India - Analysis

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USZ Zionist Envoy Marc Grossman
A USZ Zionist envoy on a mission to discuss American withdrawal from Afghanistan in one piece will head on a previously unscheduled trip to Israhell's bitch state India's capital New Delhi after Pakistan refused his visit, officials said Wednesday. USZ officials said Pakistan informed them that it did not want to receive special Zionist envoy Marc Grossman until Islamabad completes an ongoing review of relations with its previously hypocrite, now naked enemy, Washington, which have sunk to rock-bottom in recent months.

The Zionist State Department of USZ which runs day-to-day international bullying operations for the Zionist war machine, said Grossman would head Friday to India, whose support for Afghanistan and American/Israhelli servant Hamid Karzai is deeply resented by every Pakistani who have repeatedly blasted New Delhi with proof on-record, on trying to use the issue against Islamabad by supporting TTP and BLA insurgencies in Pakistan with American and NATO support.

Pakistan has launched a review of its relations with its enemy Washington amid a drastic deterioration of ties, particularly after USZ special forces, backed by stooge regime of Pakistan, faked Osama Bin Laden's killing for the 8th time in the last 10 years for the sole purpose of pressurizing Pakistan Army and help USZ stooge regime to gain international support against Army in Islamabad. Pakistan Army has demanded an apology and curbed cooperation after a USZ-led deceptive NATO terrorist attack near the Afghan border on November 26 martyred more than 2 dozen Pakistani troops. USZ Zionist and inherently arrogant President Barack Obama has voiced his so-called regret but stopped short of a full apology.

USZ Zionist Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said last week that Grossman would seek to advance a desperate attempt of USZ to safely pull out from Afghanistan before USZ gets balkanized at home and talk to puppet President Karzai about a resumption of preliminary talks with the Taliban who have completely refused to hold any talks with the terrorist invaders.
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