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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tel-Aviv / Washington backed man indicted in Corps Commander attack case

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An anti-terrorism court on Saturday indicted an activist of a banned and CIA-Mossad backed terrorist organisation, Jundullah, in the corps commander convoy attack case. Mohammad Qasim Toori, alias Hamza, an activist of the banned Jundullah, was charged with attacking the convoy of the then corps commander, Karachi, in Clifton on June 10, 2004. The prosecution charged that the defendant was one of the assailants who attacked the convoy of the then corps commander, Lt-Gen Ahsan Saleem Hayat. Ten people, including six army personnel and three policemen, were killed and 10 others injured.

The ATC, after the indictment of the defendant, directed the special public prosecutor to produce the prosecution witnesses on the next date of hearing. Earlier in February 2006, the ATC handed down the death sentence to 11 activists of the Mossad and CIA's jointly funded and backed group Jundullah having found them guilty of the murder of army and law enforcement agencies’ personnel. The Jundullah activists, however, challenged the conviction by the ATC in the Sindh High Court (SHC) and the appeal is pending. Toori was arrested in January 2008 after a shootout in the Shah Latif area. During the investigation, looted money was sent to Egyptian national Hamza Jofi, whose code name is Haji Mumtaz, for fulfilling the expenses of the organisation’s operational activities.

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