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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Iran, Cuba call for New World Order

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Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Cuba's revolution leader Fidel Castro have called for the establishment of a new world order based on principles of humanity and justice against a backdrop of the collapsing global imperialism. At a Thursday meeting in the Cuban capital city, Havana, President Ahmadinejad and Castro underscored the need for convergence and unity of all the revolutionary nations to alter the world's unjust standards through perseverance against the hegemony of the bullying powers.

“Since capitalism has reached the end of the road, the two great nations of Iran and Cuba now shoulder a heavy responsibility to establish a new world order based on humanity and justice,” the Iranian chief executive said. He called on the world's independent nations to thwart the imperialist powers' campaigns against the sovereignty of other nations by means of unity and enhancement of ties.

The Cuban revolution leader praised Iran's “outstanding position” in resisting the arrogant powers, and described the Islamic Republic as “the beacon of hope” for the world nations. Fidel described the management of global monetary system by capitalist powers as “a fraud against other world nations” and argued that imperialism is nearing collapse.

The world is heading towards justice-seeking doctrines and the nations should join efforts to tackle global issues particularly nuclear disarmament of the hegemonic powers, he added. The Iranian president is on a four-nation tour of Latin America. He kicked off his Latin American tour in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas.

Ahmadinejad arrived in Nicaragua on the second leg of his Latin American tour on Tuesday. He arrived in Cuba on Wednesday to meet with Cuban officials on regional and international issues as well as bilateral ties. He will visit Ecuador on the last leg of his five-day tour. The promotion of all-out cooperation with Latin American countries is among the top priorities of the Islamic Republic's foreign policy. Iran and Latin American countries have been working towards developing diplomatic relations and increasing economic cooperation.

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