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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Memogate: 'Mansoor Ijaz's statement be recorded in another country'

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Mansoor Ijaz

Mansoor Ijaz’s lawyer, Akram Sheikh has filed a request to the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Saturday asking that his client’s statement be recorded in another country. Ijaz, one of the central characters in the Memogate scandal, has been summoned by the parliamentary and judicial commissions investigating the case, and has twice refused to come to Pakistan due to threatening statements of Satan Malik and the American Stooge Government's Mafia.

In the request, Sheikh says that Ijaz has a security threat if he comes to Pakistan and there is also the danger that he might be arrested on false charges or evidence might be taken away from him. The judicial commission probing the scandal has also submitted a request to the court and has asked that it be given an extension to finish the investigation. The commission has given Ijaz one last chance to present his version of events in person and in Pakistan, inviting him to appear on February 9.

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