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Monday, January 23, 2012

India's Cold Start and India's capability for a Cold Start

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The Indian Army General Deepak Kapoor was lately heard as saying, despite the nuclear umbrella in the South Asia, there is a possibility of low intensity war in the region. This later, actually indicated to what was eventually called the "Indian Cold Start". The Indian Cold Start in a nutshell, is a doctrine which categorically plans a sudden attack on the Pakistani soil from the Eastern borders without any prior warning. The Indian military doctrine described as cold start is intended to carry out surprise surgical strikes against Pakistan with the assumption that Islamabad would not react in time.

This shouldn't be amazing or unbelievable for you from the Champion of Democracy state - India. India has always been  habitual of adopting such cowardly methods to attack the neighboring country. The war of 1965 was no different instance. In the mentioned doctrine i.e., Indian Cold Start, The Indian military force would be divided into complete 8 attacking divisions which would be equipped from the catapult sites. They actually aim at striking the Pakistani soil suddenly and would attempt to invade 50-70 kilometers of the Pakistani soil within 72 hours. The Indian Air Force and the Navy would also be called for assistance during the attack. The Indian military would attack one after the hour so that they target be achieved within 96 hours.

This is a sinister, dirty doctrine from the very "Aman Pasand" neighbour - the torch bearer of Aman ki Asha! The Indian philosophy is based on the Chanakya doctrine, which teaches to back stab your enemy while posing as a friend. Even today India is riding on US's back to sabotage the Pakistani soil in one way or another. She is still awaiting the US to take steps further in her Af-Pak doctrine so that India would take hold of Pakistan from the other corners. But the fact of the matter is, the Af-Pak has been failing vehemently itself ever since the NATO/US supply routes are blocked by Pakistan and the terrorist NATO/USZ are compelled to pay 6 times more - almost $100 mn per month extra for the blockade trying to ship supplies through Russia or through air. At the moment what US is doing is striving hard to get pampers through alternate routes, proceeding Af-Pak yet alone.

Indians be warned that no matter how or what they plan, their  missiles and all other technology is nothing but duds, hallow and dumb.
Pakistan has indigenous production of armament. It has its own battle tanks, latest warplanes, submarines and frigates. As opposed to it, India lacks indigenous capability. [1] Pakistan would never allow any intrusion into its territory on whatever pretext and would fully retaliate and beat back the Indian aggression.

They tried to mess up with the Pakistani soil back in 1965 too, and what they had to face on the Pakistani grounds was, that their sights got blinded and they would see multiple bombs being fired upon them instead of one. Their eyes would see multiple bridges instead of one and would confuse them about the target. They were also terribly terrified on seeing armored men on white horses whose swords would thunder upon striking. Besides they should also be alarmed - the strength and the valor of the Pakistan Army combined with the Pakistani nation is second to none. At the time of 1965 war, despite the fact that India attacked the Pakistani soil without any prior warning and made their way towards the roads of Lahore illegally, the Pakistani Army with the Pakistani nation compelled them to flee with full force. [1] 

Gen. Ayyub Khan's powerful message to the nation at the time of cowardly attack of India on the Pakistani soil in 1965:

[1] Mysterious dimensions of Pakistan; a threat to Zionist state of India

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