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Friday, January 20, 2012

Supremacy lies within Allah or the state Constitution?

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As men of Allah have bluntly said before, if you eliminate the essence of Islam from the constitution of Pakistan, then this constitution is worthless. Qudratullah Shahab (r.a) has mentioned in his legendary book, “Shahabnama”, that such a fraud had started during the making of the constitution in Ayub Khan’s reign. Field Marshal Ayub Khan held a census in the cabinet, in which majority of the officials voted for a “Republic of Pakistan”, and not an “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. When Qudratullah Shahab (r.a) came to know this, he wrote the following letter to Ayub Khan, in which he brilliantly explained the importance of Islam in Pakistan:

“Pakistan has no escape from Islam. The history of this country is very old but its geography is new. The Red-cliff line between Pakistan and India was drawn for the purpose that we acquired this piece of land in the name of Islam. If now Islam is erased from the name of Pakistan, the limitation of this line will have no meaning. We became Pakistan for the sole reason that we are Muslims. If Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Iraq and Turkey eliminate Islam from their lives, they would still retain their identity as Afghans, Iranian, Egyptian, Iraqi and Turks. But if we, Pakistanis, try to escape from Islam, Pakistan will not have any distinction of its own. Now, if Islam suits our luxurious life or not, Islam fits to our way of life or not, We personally follow Islam or not, the truth is that whether for the sake of saving our hereafter or for the worldly profit and selfishness, we are compelled to keep Pakistan and Islam parallel to each other for the sake of the long lasting of Pakistan. Due to the illiteracy of others, there is no need to go into the inferiority complex yourself.”

With this letter, Mr. Qudratullah Shahab (r.a) also offered resignation. But these radiant words from the man of Allah were enough to convince Ayub Khan and make him say, “Yes, right you are”.

Today, we are seeing our corrupt and failed politicians cunningly utilize the clauses of our constitution by deceitfully interpreting them to safeguard their vested interests. What greater example than of our PM and President begging for immunity from law using article 248? If they really want to use the constitution, they should know first that if the whole constitution is implemented sincerely, they wouldn’t even be allowed in their seats right now in the first place. Our hypocritical politicians are experts in using the constitution to defend their seats, but neglecting it when their positions are in danger. In a nutshell, they have made constitution as a "seat" saving tool!

As a Muslim and patriotic Pakistani, can anyone even think of defending this treacherous government, whether or not the constitution allows? Are we that blind, that we can easily be fooled by misinterpretations of the constitution? It does not take a very sharp mind to realize that this government has done nothing but harm to Pakistan, and Allah has given us another chance to get rid of these traitors, as he had back in 1971! And guess what, our constitution allows it!

The constitution allows the installation of caretakers, but it is up to the Supreme Court to interpret this article in light of the situation at hand, and bring in caretakers to revive the economy and strengthen the judicial muscles in the state. This government must be removed if we want to see Pakistan survive in the coming days of trials. In such situations, Ijtihaad is compulsory, and the Supreme Court along with Pak Army must take blunt and aggressive steps to interpret the constitution in a sincere way so that these democratic tyrants no more harm the nation.

Always remember, the constitution is of no worth if it does not please Allah. It is of no importance, if it does not protect the honor of Islam and Pakistan. If the Supreme Court does not implement the constitution properly and does not get rid of this corrupt regime, then we do not give any heed to this constitution, and invite Pak Army to take care of this menace their own way.

Insha’Allah khair awaits Pakistan, and the Muslim world at large.

Mohammed Danyal Adnan 

Pakistan Cyber Force



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