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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Zionist Hireling Protesters take refuge in USZ Embassy in Egypt

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Egyptian protesters set a US flag on fire during
a demonstration outside the American embassy
in the capital of Cairo, January 7, 2012.
Several American terrorists have taken refuge in the USZ Embassy in the Egyptian capital over fears of being arrested after Egypt's military junta accused them of orchestrating protests against the country's rulers. USZ Zionist State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland on Monday confirmed that the USZ embassy was sheltering “a handful” of American terrorists working for the USZ-funded International Republican Institute in Cairo. Sam LaHood, the son of USZ Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood who supervised the institution's work in Egypt, is among those hiding in the Embassy. Egyptian officials banned several of the Zionist institutes' staff members from leaving the country through the Cairo International Airport. The ban was issued after Egyptian military forces raided several Zionist paid NGOs, charging them of receiving financial support from the USZ.

The Zionist International Republican Institute, chaired by Zionist Republican Senator John McCain since 1993, claims to be promoting the circus of democracy and freedom around the world. McCain earlier threatened Cairo that Washington could cut of its annual USD 1.5 billion alms to Egypt should the travel ban on the institution's staff members not be lifted. “This can affect our whole relationship, particularly our military aid”, the Zionist McCain said, adding that he is “terribly” disappointed with Egypt's accusations against the Zionist terrorist organization. Egyptian protesters in mid-January held a demonstration and blasted the United States of Zionism's interference in Egypt's internal affairs. They also called for the closure of the USZ embassy in Cairo.

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