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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Memogate: Judicial, Democratic backstabbers vs Pakistan Army, ISI

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Let us give you some harsh factual assessment of the security, political and judicial crisis in the country. Fasten your seatbelts. This one is going to hit hard.
It seems now that the nation is going to be disappointed staggeringly by the Supreme Court once again. The Memo case of today was the biggest treason case in recent history of the country after Agartala Conspiracy of 1968, which broke Pakistan. 

Instead of punishing the traitors in Agartala sazish, the political parties, courts and the media joined hands against the army to demand the release of traitor Mujeeb ur Rehman and demanded elections. The result was that army was forced to hold elections in an environment where the traitors had taken complete control. The result was a civil war and dismemberment of Pakistan. 

Today, the exact repeat is taking place with the Memo scandal. The government is part of this treason. The political parties are supporting the government. Media is already sold out and attacking army and the Supreme Court is dragging the case to the point while the nation continues to slip into the chaos and anarchy. Army and ISI is being surrounded from all sides. 

The judicial system of the country has effectively collapsed. In the last 10 years, the judiciary has not punished a single terrorist. But at the same time, the judiciary is attacking army for killing the terrorists in encounters or after court martial. In simple words, the Judiciary is neither punishing the terrorists nor letting the army do the job of securing Pakistan. Since the Chief Justice gave the weak decision on Karachi violence, over 450 people have died in target killings by the same political parties whom the CJ had refused to punish. Now who is responsible for the bloodshed in Karachi now? Should the army watch or do something? But the government, judiciary and the media remain silent attacking the army only.

Multiple cases have been initiated against ISI in Supreme Court and in other courts but the real cases of treason and terrorism are NOT being decided by the Supreme Court or lower courts. CJ will be answerable to Allah (swt) for this delay which is harming Pak Sarzameen and Ummat e Rasul (sm). Asghar Khan had sided with Mujeeb ur Rehman in Agartala sazish in 1968. Now the same Asghar Khan has joined hands with Imran Khan and is attacking the ISI in Supreme Court but he is silent on Memo treason by the government. Isn’t this strange that all political parties are now silent on Memo? 

In these critical times, even Imran is blaming and attacking army for violence in tribal areas and does not hold the TTP/CIA/RAW responsible for violence and war against Pakistan. Imran is also not making any distinction between TTP and Afghan Taliban and giving the perception that TTP is a million strong tribal army of Pakistani Pashtuns. This is totally false and disinformation. TTP are just a few thousand terrorists supported by RAW/CIA and DO NOT represent either the Afghan Taliban or the tribals who are loyal to Pakistan. These statements of Imran are severely hurting the army and Pakistan’s war against TTP Kharjis in these most critical times. 

The army is now in an extremely difficult situation. It trusted the Supreme Court to be firm on memo scandal and NRO. Instead, the cases are being dragged without decision and the government remains busy in robbing, looting and plundering the nation ruthlessly. 

Now what can army do? If the army continues to wait for the SC to deliver justice, the enemies would overrun the country and damage it to the point of no return. Else, army can move in and arrest the traitors in Memo case and court martial them as the SC is not doing this. This would mean a Martial Law. Now we can either save the illegal, immoral and corrupt demon-cracy or save the country through a direct military intervention. The media and the political parties are actually at war with the nation and the SC in no mood to decide while the country burns. The traitors in Memo case rule Pakistan today and would never let justice prevail while they are in power. They are accused and must be arrested. 

We do not know how the army would respond under these most dangerous circumstances. It is still waiting for the SC to decide but it will not wait forever. If the SC does not do its constitutional duty, the army must defend Pakistan by all means and ways – and ruthlessly. 

InshAllah, Allah will never let these snakes harm this Pak Sarzameen. But the traitors and snakes are being exposed and their sinister games monitored by the patriots. Stay firm and stay united and do not fall for any propaganda, lies and disinformation against Pak army and ISI. Every enemy and idiot is attacking them now when we are in a desperate war. InshAllah Khair. Do not despair and do your duty. The time for sacrifice, courage and passion is now!



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