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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

London Olympics 'security' documents leaked

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On 5 January, London police confirmed the loss of documents related to the security of the 2012 Olympics.

Nevertheless, the publication of an image of the documents on Tuesday by the Sun, which received them from a passenger, who had found the bag on a train, has embarrassed Olympics experts as they have raised great concern over the breach.

“It will do nothing but undermine confidence in the Olympics security operation, already brought into question by the prospect of riots and terrorist attacks,” said Ellis Cashmore, a professor of culture, media and sport at Staffordshire University in England. 

“With so much scrutiny, it's almost beyond belief that someone in a responsible position would be guilty of such crass absentmindedness,” he added. 

The security of the London Olympics has been a source of great embarrassment for the British government since the unprecedented unrest in August which took the lid off the inability of British police and officials to deal appropriately with widespread disorder. 

Moreover, earlier this month, a security test by police experts who managed to smuggle a fake bomb into Olympic Park in London called into question the British government's promise to secure the events.

It should be noted that there is 99% probability of a false-flag nuclear bomb attack on London Olympics stadium which will kill almost everyone present in the stadium. The objectives of this attack may be critical, one of which will be to prove Pakistan's nuclear program unsafe and make a plea to attack Pakistan from all sides.

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