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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Traitor Government's new plan to open NATO supplies

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The traitor Government is now planning to reopen NATO supplies by asking National Logistics Cell (NLC) to charge only $1000 per container. By asking NLC, government want to open supplies as FBR has refused to charge any taxes and duties. Normally millions of Rupees is charged as duty on commercial containers imported into the country by Federal bureau of Revenue (FBR). We can clearly see Betrayal and Treachery in this proposal. The entire blame for reopening the supplies would be dumped on Army and NLC without involvement of state revenue organs or Official charges. Also this proposal does not address three fundamental questions:

  1. The military backup of AfPak doctrine of the US. What should be Pakistan's policy toward this threat of USZ presence in Afghanistan?
  2. The arrears and unpaid NATO taxes of last 11 years of about $30 Billions.
  3. The overflights which also pass free. How would those be billed?
This is indeed an alarming situation as now the agents of Neo-Cons present in the President and Prime Minister house have planned another sinister game against the Pakistan Army. Let me remind that Army has already said a big NO over the reopening of supplies and this game of the treacherous government will also come to an its fate soon.

Written By: Faraan Khan
Pakistan Cyber Force



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