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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Arrested German ‘spies’ ordered Pakistan army uniforms

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Police and law enforcement agencies arrested three German nationals on Saturday, 21st Jan 2012 for suspicion and illegal activities in Peshawar, police said.
A police officer Mian Saeed said that German nationals were being questioned for their illegal stay and running an office in Peshawar.
Police and members of security agencies raided a house in University Town area of Peshawar after getting information from Intelligence agencies and took the Germans into custody, Saeed told the media.
The Germans were running the office but failed to show any documents about Pakistani government’s permission when the raiding party asked for it. The police sealed their office.
A police officer said that Germans told the police that they had opened the office for coordination between the two countries. They also said they had been monitoring German-funded development projects.
“But they failed to present any documentary proofs,” the police officer said. Police said that three Pakistanis, working with the Germans were also arrested.
German nationals are likely to be sent to Islamabad for further investigation or hand over to the German embassy, security sources said. There had been no word from the German embassy regarding this issue. Several foreign missions and NGOs have offices in the same area.

Today it was revealed that the German citizens had ordered army and police uniforms to a local contractor, intelligence sources said on Thursday. 

According to reports the alleged German spies had been living in Peshawar since 1981 and shifted to a bungalow at Parklane one year ago. 

The source said that Burqas (veils) and receipt of uniform order were also recovered from their custody. 

The intelligence sources said the foreigners had sent a negative reports about Pakistan to Bonn Conference held in Germany last year to discuss Afghanistan post-troops future. 
The German nationals have been handed over to German embassy.

Faraan Khan
Pakistan Cyber Force



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