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Monday, January 9, 2012

Zionists' Global Agenda - Cut world population to bits

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The world's Zionist controlling elite has its most major objective to reduce the world population to one billion from current four billion known as the Zionist Global Agenda (New World Order). In order to achieve their sinister objective, they have been working covertly by every possible or impossible mean. Zionists have a further agenda apart from setting up what they call Greater Israel. They are Supremacists, aiming to achieve world government under their own rule, getting rid of much of the world population through wars, diseases droughts and  famines. Sheeple still believe it's all just a conspiracy theory and nothing else whereas all the objectives are somewhat documented in their controlled societies. Besides their famous book comprising of their protocols, by the name of "Protocols of the learned elders of Zion" also reveal many hidden objectives of the evil Illuminati Zionists.

(Snap taken from InfoWars)

This document is the 1969 Planned Parenthood - World Population Memo; which is self-explanatory, giving an idea of how they have been carrying out the ruthless massacre for centuries now in order to control the world population:

"O believers, do not take the Jews and the Christians as your friends and protectors, they are friends of each other. And whoever makes them a friend then he is from amongst them. Verily God does not guide the unjust people. And you will see that those (Muslims) in whose hearts is a disease run towards them saying 'We fear that a calamity may befall us.' So God will soon bring victory or a decision from Him, causing them regret on account of the thoughts they harbored in their hearts." (Quran 5:51-52)

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