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Monday, January 9, 2012

USZ Desperate to pull Afghan Taliban towards ceasefire

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The United States of Zionism has geared up its efforts to engage Afghan Taliban, led by Mullah Omar, to secure a ceasefire with various resistance groups to bring the conflict to end, diplomatic sources told a Pakistani Newspaper yesterday. The sources privy to these developments said that the Obama Administration was giving deep thoughts to proposals seeking pulling out troops ahead of 2014, the timeline set out last year by the USZ President, apparently due to deadly losses being inflicted on foreign terrorist forces in Afghanistan.

The sources were of the view that Obama’s Afghan war was adversely impacting his plans seeking second term in the US elections starting from November this year, Obama Administration was seriously considering plans to pull out US troops much ahead of the 2014 timeline. “The USZ is making desperate efforts to establish lines of communications with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan of Afghanistan-led by Mullah Omer”, the sources said, adding that was the purpose to establish a so-called Taliban office in Doha, capital of American Puppet State, Qatar. The sources said that the proposed office to be manned by some old Taliban including former Foreign Minister Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil would be funded by the US and its key NATO allies Turkey and Germany, to serve as a mere postal address to reach out to Mullah Omer.

“It is just a fishing plan hatched by three countries and supported reluctantly by Afghan President Hamid Karzai”, the sources said believing the move was doomed to non-starter. The sources said that Taliban Chief leading Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Afghanistan was reluctant to talk with the USZ or Afghan government until and unless foreign terrorist invaders pull out from the war torn country.

Whereas the group headed by Wakil Muattawakil was primarily struggling to secure release of former colleagues captured by the USZ forces and were being kept at the Guantanamo bay detention camp. Amazingly, neither the USZ nor the Afghan stooge government has taken Pakistan on board while kicking off the plan to set up a so-called Taliban office in Doha.

Pakistan has been demanding an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned process of reconciliation to bring lasting stability in the neighbouring country. “We have always supported an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned reconciliation process. We strongly believe that stability and peace in Afghanistan is in Pakistan’s core interest”, Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit remarked to a query by this scribe.

Americans cannot pull out from Afghanistan on their own because Afghan Taliban under the leadership of Mullah Mohammad Omar are not going to stop tearing the foreign terrorist invaders apart until they are on Afghan soil. They desperately need Pakistan to bring Afghan Mujahideen on talk table but Pakistan, particularly Pakistan Army also wants USZ to immediately pack up and scram from this region due to concrete evidence available about American funding, grooming and support of TTP insurgents who have been raising hell against Pakistan in the form of suicide blasts, putting blames on "Afghan Taliban" by using "Taliban" as a common term for both American insurgents and Mujahideen in Afghanistan. “Pakistan has a critical role in reconciliation in Afghanistan and the USZ is committed to deepen cooperation with Pakistan and wants to boost relations to serve mutual interest”, USZ Embassy spokesman Mark Stroh said in response to query.

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