Pakistan Cyber Force: "Humanitarians" urge Pakistan to allow "Diapers-Pampers" supply to USZ-Soldiers in Afghanistan

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Humanitarians" urge Pakistan to allow "Diapers-Pampers" supply to USZ-Soldiers in Afghanistan

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ISLAMABAD: A day after offering no comment out of humiliation to Pakistan's Daily The News' story about the reported severe scarcity of diapers having been faced by the USZ-led NATO forces in Afghanistan, the humiliated USZ embassy in Islamabad falsely termed the report as “complete fabrication.”

However, CEO of Strategy Technology Resources (STR) Dr Shireen Mazari, who is also a spokesperson of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on national security and foreign affairs, in a press release issued here on Friday made a humanitarian appeal to the Government of Pakistan to retrieve the diapers from NATO containers and send them to the USZ forces in Afghanistan.

USZ Embassy spokesman Mark Stroh on Friday sent through a mobile SMS, what he called, a “correction” to The News story. “This story is a complete fabrication and has no basis in fact,” Mark Stroh said, adding that besides him the ISAF Deputy PAO Col Gary Kolb could also be quoted to have said this. Mark Stroh when contacted on Thursday, had referred this correspondent to the ISAF spokesman in Afghanistan, arguing that he was neither a soldier nor did know that the USZ Marines and NATO soldiers wear diapers while fighting their war against Taliban inside Afghanistan.

The ISAF spokesman Col Gary Kolb was also sent the question on Thursday but no response came from his side either on Thursday or even on Friday. Although Mark Stroh Friday said that the report has no basis in fact; besides him, his deputy spokeswoman and the ISAF spokesman all were given fair chance on Thursday to ascertain “if it is a fact that the scarcity of goods faced by the USZ and NATO forces in Afghanistan (because of supply line cut by Pakistan) has caused severe shortage of pampers used by USZ troops in Afghanistan while fighting Taliban fighters.”

The News story had also indicated that the story about diapers scarcity faced by USZ-led NATO troops first appeared in an Urdu newspaper almost a month back while the issue was also discussed in different blogs.

Meanwhile, STR CEO Dr Shireen Mazari in press release issued here on Friday a humanitarian plea to the Pakistan government and state to retrieve diapers from the NATO containers and send them to the USZ forces in Afghanistan. Or perhaps humanitarian NGOs in Pakistan, especially those receiving USZ funding, can purchase diapers locally and gift them to the USZ forces. This would also be a small boost to our economy!

“The USZ has embezzled us of money owed to the CSF; it has imprisoned innocent Pakistanis in Guantanamo Bay; its citizens have used violence against innocent Pakistanis in the USZ; it has murdered our innocent tribals in drone attacks; the list goes on. But before we are accused of depriving the USZ soldier of his basic human rights by the many USZ assets now come to live in Pakistan, and purely on humanitarian grounds, let us not stand in the way of the USZ soldier and his diaper!” the press release concluded.

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