Pakistan Cyber Force: RAW directly involved in Colonel Imam's murder- TTP Commander's former Deputy reveals

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

RAW directly involved in Colonel Imam's murder- TTP Commander's former Deputy reveals

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Colonel Imam (Late)
TTP Commander Hakeemullah Mehsud’s former deputy Wali-ur-Rehman in an interview has told a news agency on Tuesday & confirmed the reports that TTP chief received money from Pakistan’s arch-rival, India, to kill a former Pakistan’s ISI official acting as a mediator between the TTP and the Pakistani government.

Such reports of links of TTP with Indian Spy Agencies are not new as last year in December A major raid took place in Tank District of KPK province where according to one senior FC official, “The officers stumbled upon a warehouse containing large caches of weapons which were of the same make as that used by the Indian military”. TTP earlier today also claimed responsibility for the brutal killing and subsequent martyrdom of 15 paramilitary officials belonging to the Frontier Constabulary. The officers were abducted last year on December 22 after the major raid at Indian weapons depot of TTP.

To be noted that earlier in a related development, a defector Qari Zain Mehsud held a press conference in which he revealed that the Indian intelligence was also involved in supporting the TTP and providing it with weapons and logistics. He was killed within a few days after this expose.
This clearly shows that TTP is breaking apart and many factions have been made with contrast ideologies.Also, it is quite evident that all the targets of Pakistan Army's operation Raah-e-Nijaat had been successfully achieved one of which was to destroy the command and control skeleton by getting rid of major commanders

Also Hakimullah Mehsud, the head of the Terrorist Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), and his deputy, Wali-ur-Rehman, were at dagger's drawn, the sources said. TTP commanders have held a series of meetings aimed at containing what could soon be open warfare between the two most powerful TTP leaders, militant sources have said. There is now complete panic between the ranks of terrorist outfit and any wise can foresee that a major clash between the two commanders will be last nail in the coffins of the major Indian and CIA asset in the region which is a part of the Fourth Generation War imposed on Pakistan. With its supplies blocked in Pakistan and the human resource dragged into the bordering Afghan provinces in the severe cold winters, it is evident that they are breathing their last in the region as Pak Army shifts into aggressive gear.

Faraan Khan
Pakistan Cyber Force



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