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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

External and Internal threats to the guardians of Pakistan

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Pakistan Army at the moment is facing extreme opposition by the treacherous and corrupt regime in Islamabad at a time when the enemy is waging multiple wars, high and low intensity conflicts within the state itself while the Pak Army has been made to engage on multiple axes simultaneously. The decentralized asymmetric urban 4GW (4th Generation War), the Indian Cold Start and the American Af-Pak are the external existential threats to the country while the internal existential threat to the country lies within  the incompetent PPP regime, the political thugs and their political mafias, who are not only busy looting the country but also are exerting their full force to malign and resist the only defenders of Pakistan - the Pak Army and the ISI. Whether it be the fifth columnist, sold out media, or the corrupt political mafia or the DemonCrazy maniac parliamentarians.

Everyone is seen deteriorating and abusing the Pak Army, which started even exceedingly after the infamous Memo scandal, which has exposed completely how the traitor regime of PPP wants to eliminate the high rank officers of the Pak Army, following with sacking up the Army leadership and the establishment leadership as well with the support of the USZ. This leaves no ambiguity that what treacherous objectives does the compromised, traitor PPP gang have and to whom they are serving. I see no difference among the traitor regime of PPP thugs and the CIA/MOSSAD/RAW/TTP/MI-6/BLA  and other anti-Pakistan elements. This is the time to stand shoulder to shoulder with the guardians of Pakistan if you truly love Pakistan. Do NOT become a part of the mainstream propaganda and become a tool of the CIA and RAW. Support the Pakistan Army so that at least we could raise their morale in fighting against the enemy of Pakistan and Rasool Allah s.a.w.

This snap below gives a brief idea about the external and internal threats Pakistan Army faces today, ultimately raising threats for Pakistan itself:

(Taken from BrassTacks magazine - The master stroke to victory!)

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