Pakistan Cyber Force: 111 USZ-led Terrorist Invaders, 118 Puppets killed; 11 Tanks, dozens of oil tankers, bases wrecked - Afghan Operation Badar (1 - 2 Jan, 2012)

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

111 USZ-led Terrorist Invaders, 118 Puppets killed; 11 Tanks, dozens of oil tankers, bases wrecked - Afghan Operation Badar (1 - 2 Jan, 2012)

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Operation Badar reports (Afghanistan)
(01 - 02 Jan, 2012)

These reports have been received from Mullah Mohammad Omar's official spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman of Islamic Emirate Qari Yousuf Ahmadi as well as some other on-ground sources in Afghanistan which include several cowardly puppet regime sources. War crimes committed by USZ, NATO and their cowardly puppets have been highlighted in red below.

  • January 01: A roadside bomb ripped through a USZ tank in Nad Ali’s Si Waik Gharbi area, killing all 6 terrorist invaders onboard at 11:00 am yesterday. Meanwhile, a local police officer was shot dead at 03:00 pm in the same area while on his way to a nearby check post.
  • A Mujahid shot dead a cowardly terrorist invader using a sniper rifle at 04:00 pm yesterday in Malgir’s Awapashak area, Gerishk district.
  • Reports from Gerishk district say that cowardly American terrorist invaders have planted mines in the homes of civilians after 2 days of intense fighting with Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate in Kala Gaz’s Kaka Khelo area. Officials and witnesses from the area say that this crime was done by the terrorist invaders while fleeing the area after taking on heavy casualties. The locals were warned by the hireling puppet troops to take care while entering their compounds but unfortunately 2 civilians were martyred by an IED with their house flattened when they entered their home. The locals are now stranded outside their homes from utter fear caused by the ruthless enemy troops.
  • Some 2 ANA puppets were killed and 3 others fatally wounded when a mine detonated on their foot patrol near Musa Kala district bazaar at 11:00 am yesterday.
  • All 6 terrorist invaders onboard their tank were killed when a roadside bomb ripped through it in Nawzad’s Darazdan Karez area at noon time yesterday.
  • A USZ tank was destroyed by an IED at 11:00 pm last night in Sangin’s Haji Gul Baba area, killing all 6 terrorist invaders onboard, officials said adding that another blast killed 3 more terrorist invaders and wounded another 3 after detonating on them as they gathered around the wreckage of the tank. Separately, a similar blast in Charkhakyano Manda area of the same  district hit and destroyed another USZ tank at 10:00 am today, killing all 5 terrorist invaders inside who were later carried away by enemy medical helicopters.
  • At least 7 USZ terrorist invaders were killed and 4 others wounded in Si Waik Gharbi’s Nari Manda area, Nad Ali district, during a 1 hour firefight which broke out at 03:00 pm local time when the enemy tried to carryout an operation in the area. 2 Mujahideen were also hurt by enemy fire.
  • Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate carried out armed assaults at 07:00 pm on 3 police check posts located near Washir district center. The attacks on the check posts are still ongoing at the moment (09:00 pm) however the number of casualties caused is not known.
  • Some 5 hireling puppet troops were killed earlier today when a bomb blast destroyed their vehicle in Par Chaw area of Malgir region, Gerishk.
  • January 02: A USZ patrol tank was blown apart by a remote-controlled mine, killing all 6 terrorist invaders inside in Miyan-e-Sheen’s Tanawchi area today at 02:00 pm.
  • An American terrorist was killed and 2 others fatally wounded at around 04:00 pm today when Mujahideen in Gerishk district ambushed their foot patrol in Baizo area.
An enemy vehicle torn apart by Mujahideen Planted IED

  • January 01: Reports from Zhiri district say that Mujahideen killed 4 USZ terrorist invaders in an ambush yesterday afternoon in Pashmool’s Sarkari Chaman area after which they shot 2 more USZ tanks with 82mm cannon rounds, killing all 11 terrorist invaders inside when several reinforcement tanks arrived to the area. No Mujahideen were hurt in the successful operation.
  • At around 10:00 am yesterday, 2 bombs simultaneously detonated on the foot patrol of USZ terrorist invaders in Zhiri’s Siyah Chohi area, leaving 4 cowardly terrorist invaders dead and 5 others fatally wounded.
  • At least 4 hireling puppet troops were killed when Mujahideen blew apart their vehicle using an IED in Maiwand’s Mira Khor Durahi area at noon time on Saturday.
  • A missile fired by Mujahideen slammed into their the second largest airbase of foreign terrorist invaders (Kandahar airfield), causing the enemy deadly losses.
  • An American terrorist invader was killed and 2 others seriously wounded when an IED detonated on them yesterday afternoon as they were leaving their security post near Talokan area of Panjwaee district.
  • A Mujahideen ambush on USZ troops in Maiwand’s Azeem Jan Karez area left a terrorist invader dead and 2 others wounded early this morning.
  • USZ terrorist invaders suffered heavy casualties late yesterday afternoon after clashing with Mujahideen in Sanghisar area of Zhiri district, reports say, adding that as many as 7 cowardly terrorist invaders were taken out and 10 more fatally hurt.
  • Officials from Maiwand district indicate that heavy fight has been taking place today in Band Taimoor region, triggered when Mujahideen carried out attacks on the terrorist invaders who landed in Barang area to carry out an operation. It is said that so far 1 Mujahid has been injured but the number of enemy casualties caused is not known. More details will be updated later.
  • January 02: A USZ tank was torn apart by a landmine last night at 07:00 pm, killing all 6 terrorist invaders onboard in Nawa district of Kandahar province.
  • A missile struck near the garrison of USZ troops inside Kandahar airbase last night, killing some half a dozen USZ terrorist invaders and severely wounding dozens more on the spot.
  • At least 4 puppet drivers of a NATO logistical convoy were killed in near Mira Khor Durahi area of Maiwand district late yesterday afternoon.
  • Mujahideen waylaid a logistical convoy of NATO forces late yesterday afternoon in Zhiri’s Nada area while travelling on Kandahar-Herat main highway in which 3 logistical and 1 escort security vehicles were destroyed as well as 3 puppet drivers and 2 puppet security personnel killed.
  • An IED in Arghasan’s Klaki Ghbargi area hit and destroyed a vehicle of hireling puppet troops late yesterday afternoon, killing all 7 puppets onboard.
  • USZ terrorist invaders fled from Maiwand’s Band Taimoor area after taking on deadly casualties from Mujahideen strikes during an all day fight on Sunday, officials said adding that a Mujahid was also injured in the clash whereas 8 terrorist invaders lost their lives.
  • Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate clashed with USZ terrorist invaders and their puppets in Panjwaee’s Spanzo area this morning in which a mine also detonated on the enemy troops. A total of 9 terrorist invaders and 5 of their local cowardly puppets were killed in the deadly attack and following mine blast and several others suffered fatal injuries.
  • At least 2 USZ terrorist invaders have been killed and another 3 wounded in the fight which broke out in Nawa district’s Tangano area after Mujahideen attacked the enemy troops who landed in the area at 03:00 pm to carry out an operation. It is said that a Mujahid has also been injured in the clash which is ongoing so far, more details about which will be updated later.
  • In Talokan area, Panjwaee district, an IED at 03:00 pm local time took out a vehicle of hireling puppet troops, killing all 6 puppets onboard.

  • January 01: Mujahideen fought the puppets in Asmar district, Kunar province on Sunday. At least 8 puppets have reportedly been killed.
  • At least 4 puppets were killed on Sunday in a roadside bomb attack targeting the enemy vehicle in Chaghto district of Kunar province.
  • January 02: Later on Sunday, Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate attacked the army outpost of the puppets in Watapur district of the province but no losses of life and injury have been confirmed yet.
  • Two puppets were killed and two more got wounded in an attack which had been carried out by Mujahideen on the enemy outpost in Watapur, Kunar province on Sunday.

  • January 01: A roadside bomb attack in Khogiani district of Nangarhar province killed two puppets and wounded another as it exploded at a team of the puppets doing a foot patrol in village in the district today.
  • The fight prompted by an ambush attack on Sunday in Surkh Rowd district, Nangarhar province lasted half an hour in which a dozen of the puppet policemen were reported dead.
  • January 02: On Monday morning, Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate clashed the puppets in Khogaini district of the province, killing a number of the puppets, the report said.
  • The invading forces in a nighttime raid invaded a civilian hours in Khogaini district of the province last night and abducted a father and three of his son back to their base last night. According to locals the abducted villagers had no connection with Mujahideen.
  • At least two cowardly puppets were killed and another 4 got fatally hurt as their vehicle ran over a landmine in Bati Kot district of the province on Monday.

  • January 01: Abdullah, a notorious puppet NDS spy agent from Char Chino district was killed along with another puppet agent when a mine obliterated their motorbike late yesterday afternoon near Terenkot city.
  • In Safid Khar area near Terenkot city, a green colored tank of police forces was blown apart by an IED at around 05:00 pm yesterday, killing all 6 puppets onboard.
  • 2 ISAF terrorist invaders were killed and another fatally wounded yesterday when a landmine blew apart their tank in Da Yak area located near Terenkot city.

  • January 01: Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate attacked Bagram Airbase, one of the largest bases of the USZ terrorist invaders in the country situated in northern Parwan province twice last night. More than five missiles landed in the base, the report said but gave no information on the casualties.
  • Bagarm Airbase in northern Parwan district has come under attack by Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate three times for the past 24 hours, a report states. Mujahideen fired missiles last night in the night hours four of which landed in the base. On late Sunday afternoon, Mujahideen carried out missile attack yet again, likely to have caused the enemy severe losses.
  • January 02: At least 3 missiles fired by Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate landed in Bagarm Airbase last night but no losses of life and injury have been determined yet.
The beautiful after-effects of a deadly IED blast which tore through an American Tank in Afghanistan
  • January 01: On Sunday, a dozen of the puppets were killed in a clash with Mujahideen resulting from an ambush attack on the enemy’s foot patrol in Andar district of Ghazni province.
  • January 02: A severe clash occurred today in Ab Band district of Ghazni province following an attack from Mujahideen on the military-secured fuel convoy of the terrorist invaders, a Mujahideen officials said on Monday. At least 8 puppet security forces were killed and 6 oil tankers destroyed in the clash.

  • January 01: The USZ terrorist invaders military base in the capital of Laghman province got struck with missiles on Sunday, however, there are no reports on the casualties.
  • January 02: Two USZ-led terrorist invaders were killed in a clash with Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate that occurred in Alishang district of the province on Sunday evening. The fight lasted an hour causing Mujahideen no harms.

  • January 01: A report points out that on Sunday at least 3 missiles shot off by Mujahideen struck Sahara Bagh Airbase in the capital of Khost on Sunday but it is not clear how many have been killed or wounded.
  • January 02: At least 6 USZ-led terrorist invaders were killed when their patrol tank got targeted in IED bombing in the capita of Khost on Monday.

  • January 01: Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate carried out an operation using heavy weapons on the joint enemy base of ISAF-Afghan troops located near Delaram district center at 06:30 pm today by the extent of losses and casualties caused is not known.

  • January 02: Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate carried out a large-scale attack on the enemy army post in Zazi Aryub today, Paktia province, a Mujahideen official said on Monday. After a fight of about half an hour, Mujahideen overran their outpost as well as killing a 14 of the cowardly puppets, the official further said.

  • January 02: A puppet police officer was shot dead by Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate at 09:00 am this morning in Koi Siyat area of Shirin Tagab district.
  • Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate killed 2 ISAF terrorist invaders during a half an hour clash which was triggered by an ambush on the enemy patrol at 07:00 pm last night in Almar district’s Qara Ghowili area.

  • January 02: A vehicle of hireling puppet troops was left wrecked in Jalo Gargi area of Sang-e-Atish district after an IED ripped through it, instantly killing all 7 puppets onboard at around noon time today.

  • January 02: Reports from Shinki district say that cowardly hireling puppet troops deserted 10 of their security check posts located on the road to the district center yesterday after constantly coming under attacks by Mujahideen. The check posts were later torched and burnt to the ground. Another report from the district adds that ISAF terrorist invaders arrested an innocent civilian (Hazrat Umar) from Patab village last night during a raid.



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