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Friday, January 6, 2012

Agartala Conspiracy in the making yet again

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For decades the nation has been kept in the dark about the fall of Dhaka. A tremendous propaganda had been spread among the nation about the role of the Pak Army at the time of fall of Dhaka. Blatant Lies like the Army had butchered the Pakistani Bengalis and raped their ladies were spread like fire only to malign the Pak Army and to easily commit horrendous crimes by the terrorist wing of Mukhti Bahini. These lies were later busted by many eminent researchers one of them, being a Hindu lady Sharmila Bose, who has vehemently denied the hoax propagated by the terrorists of Mukhti Bahini on the basis of her research, facts and figures. Today, the same conspiracy is being repeated by the traitors in our ranks. The Memo Scandal is no different in nature, that aims at selling the country, its honor, its nuclear assets to the enemies by the extraordinarily corrupt Democratic Government led by the thugs of PPP.

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