Pakistan Cyber Force: Truth Bomb Blasts NATO - Anonymous launches “Operation Truth of Libya”

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Truth Bomb Blasts NATO - Anonymous launches “Operation Truth of Libya”

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This is a must read and must share by everyone, please spread it far and wide. Photo: Muammar Qaddafi -- Lives in the hearts of millions

I understand not all have the time to watch several of these videos, but at the very least watch the first one. This one is a MUST WATCH, it's very complete, and has already got 70,000 views in 5 days!

Libya Truth:
or easy-to-remember:

The Real Reason for NATO Attacking Libya:

The Truth About Libya: Exposing NATO Crimes & Mass Media Lies:

This one is also a MUST WATCH:
Libyan Woman on Gaddafi:

Media Lies About Libya and Gaddafi:

About Libyan victims:

Libyan Rebels free AL-CIA-DA supporters:

Pro Gaddafi rally with 1.7 MILLION PEOPLE (that's 1/3 of the country's population):

Another pro Gaddafi rally with also millions:

LIBYA WAR GOLD AND THE BANKSTERS (This one is long, but has a lot of info):



The Truth About Libya

NATO handover of free Libyans to Bankers

Libya: War Against Africa

We can't allow another Iraq.

In the 1950's, Libya was the poorest country in the world. Before the NATO invasion, Libya had become the country with the best quality of life in all Africa thanks to Gaddafi. The people of Libya support Gaddafi, they love his leader, but the media machine of NATO makes us believe this is a revolution similar to Egypt. "We are fighting the bad guy" That is all you hear in mainstream news, but is far from being the truth.
A few months before this invasion, Gaddafi announced he was implementing a new currency, alongside most African countries. This would mean Africa would stop selling resources in Dollars and Euros, and would also mean a new powerful currency would get into the market, allowing progress for 3rd world countries in Africa. This of course, is not convenient for the powerful millionaires of the west. AND MOST IMPORTANT:

Libya is the country in all Africa with the highest OIL reserves, and the cost of producing a barrel of oil is 100 times more cheap than in the rest of the world. Gaddafi did not permit oil companies to mess with Libyan oil. The Libyan oil was for the Libyan people. He also did not allowed world banks into his country. All loans were issued by the Libyan government at 0% interest.

The rebels have already made a deal with oil companies to let them loot Libyan resources, and also made deals to allow a central bank run by Rothschild Family to be implemented in the country. Rothschild Family is a group of bankers that own all western banks, and are estimated to own over half the worlds wealth.

Don't believe me? All the information is on the videos and articles on this description. And that's just a fragment, do your research, don't let the government fool you with mainstream media. Whatever you hear on mainstream media about this war is complete lies.

Spread the word, the Libyan people need you. We may have our differences but remember, we are all citizens of the same world.

We are anonymous

We are legion

We do not forgive

We do not forget

Expect us
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