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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Financial Collapse: UK to fire hundreds of on-duty RAF pilots serving in Libya

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According to reports, almost 500 RAF personnel will be told on Thursday that they are to be forced out of their jobs when the UK's Zionist Ministry of Defence sets out the first details of its controversial redundancy program aimed at reshaping Britain's armed forces. The Gurkhas have also been hit hard, with infantrymen from the historic Nepalese brigade making up most of those in the army who will be told that they have been selected for compulsory redundancy.

The RAF will be badly hit as the first round of redundancies is announced. Some personnel serving in Libya are likely to lose their jobs

All three armed services announced redundancy programs earlier this year after they were set an initial target of 17,000 job losses by 2015. Now the army and the RAF will set out the first round of redundancies, with the Royal Navy following later this month. UK's The Guardian reported that in the first wave, around 930 RAF staff will be pulled down into redundancy from their regular posts. Although no fully trained pilots face the axe, the RAF admits that it will lose trainee pilots, weapons systems operators and some officers up to the rank of air commodore.

Some of those who will be approached are thought to be support staff currently working at Gioia del Colle, the Italian base from where the RAF's Panavia Tornado and Eurofighter Typhoon jets have been flying sorties over Libya since military intervention began in March. The army will notify 920 people that they are being made redundant. It is believed that 660 people applied to leave, and 260 are compulsory job cuts. Gurkha soldiers account for 140 of the enforced losses. No Gurkhas put in for voluntary redundancy, so the losses may prove to be especially provocative. The admission suggests the Gurkhas could be hit hard again in future redundancy rounds, especially now the army has been told to slim down to 82,000 by 2020.

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