Pakistan Cyber Force: Truth & Falsehood are about to be separated ( کھرا اور کھوٹا الگ ھو جائے گا ) (English Translation) - Orya Maqbool Jan

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Truth & Falsehood are about to be separated ( کھرا اور کھوٹا الگ ھو جائے گا ) (English Translation) - Orya Maqbool Jan

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There is a series of good news going on as well as curse from the Al-Mighty. Winds are now changing their ways and circumstances are about to be reshuffled. When tranquility is showered upon mosques full of tears and prayers, Allah's first and foremost gift is that He separates good from evil. Truth and falsehood starts becoming decisively prominent. Those who have been blessed with the vision of divine cognition, their innumerable testimonials reveal that in this Ramzan-ul-Mubarak, the night of mercy, blessings and heavenly decisions, the Night of Qadr (Laila-tul-Qadar) was revealed on the 25th of Ramzan. Seers saw Baraheen, some received tranquility, others received a little satisfaction. Everyone received blessings from The Creator according to his own level and prayers. But those eyes which had been shedding tears on pain and sufferings of Pakistan for a long time, that night, returned with so much satisfaction and peace that it had almost never been experienced in Pakistan's 64 years history.

I am absolutely nothing, neither do I hold any speciality and I accept I haven't done enough for Pakistan. I accept that I am a human being fully loaded with sins, but the divine reciters say that the days are about to change for the better. He, who is The Gardener of this garden, He who is The Supreme Master of this universe, He who says that this world is His Garden and He wants to see it beautiful, He who reveals His Absolute Orders on Earth on The Night of Qadr, His unchangeable Order in this Night of Qadr has brought wonderful promises for Pakistan. Signs have been revealed that circumstances are about to be shaken. Why is this special blessing upon Pakistan?

If we consider the whole world, a garden belonging to Allah, then wherever people live and how hard they have worked for their pieces of land upon which they live, are like flower beds of Allah's garden but they have named their hard worked and beautiful flower beds with a nameplate. "This is the American parterre", "This is the French parterre", "This is the Iraqi parterre", "This is the Egyptian parterre", "This is the Chinese parterre". "All beautiful scenes visibe on this very parterre are due to the hard work of Greeks", "Romans and Persians are the owners of this parterre". But right in the center of this beautiful and heart pleasing garden of the world, there is another parterre. The people who live in it are weak and helpless. They are poor and living a very hard life, but the nameplate outside this parterre has the name of The Owner of this garden, The Almighty Himself.

Their ancestors were fascinating people. The whole world would say that this garden is ours because we have been living here for centuries and nobody owns it. The papers of this property belong to those who have captured it. This is the Arabian limit, that is the Afghan boundary, this is a Rajput state, this is a Marhata district. In such times, the ancestors of Pakistan made a startling demand. They said although this entire world garden belongs to The Al-Mighty Creator yet you deny it, near you the rule of occupation is that who lives on a piece of land, owns it. So let's agree for the time being to your rules. Now the portion where we live, according to your rules it belongs to us. Give it to us and we shall put a nameplate outside our parterre not with our name, but the name of Allah The Almighty Creator, The Owner of this world. He who believes in God and recites Kalimah, no matter from where he comes into this parterre, we will accept him with open arms.

And millions came, leaving their properties, their families, their ethnicity behind them. Millions came leaving their personal belongings and financial setups in India, and millions were slaughtered in the way. 5 million (50,00,000) people never made it to Pakistan. How happy would my Lord be, to see all those people that were leaving their personal belongings, generations old family friendships, graves of their forefathers, to Pakistan only because that parterre has His name on its nameplate outside. If even today, we consider the entire world a garden and make a map, then various sized parterres have various nameplates associated to them. Some are related to their color, some to ethnicity and some related to a particular area. However there is just one parterre which is carrying Allah's name on its nameplate, Pakistan ( literal translation of Pakistan is Holy Land ).

The nameplate outside this parterre has been under attack ever since day one. Some argued to put 5 nameplates, but the 5 nameplates campaign failed in the very beginning. However, speakers of a major language decided to start a linguistic nameplate campaign. How badly people wanted to disprove that Two Nation Vision approved by none other than God Almighty himself, that there are only two groups in this world: One is the group of Allah/God and the other is group of Satan. The slogan of Bengali nation and state was raised and despite having a similar past, the great Bengali language and civilization Tegor, the Allah's parterre was divided into two with Bangladesh as the new parterre based upon its language and ethnicity. But its fascinating that the same people who helped them in separation from Pakistan, later on said with hatred arrogance, "You don't belong to us, you are a different nation, you are unholy, you are not Bengali when you recited Kalimah".

Neither the Bengalis could become a nation on the base of Bengali Language, nor on the basis of Bengali culture and civilization otherwise Calcutta's Raja Dhani would have returned to Bengal. They achieved separation from Allah's parterre and still the line of Two Nation Vision remained at its place intact. "This is a Hindu Bengali so he will live on this side of Brahma Putra, and that is a Muslim Bengali so he will live on the other side". In the history of subcontinent, the Two Nation Vision was revived once again in 1971 however my Allah deprived them of the ability and level which is still there with the parterre having Allah's nameplate intact on it, Pakistan. They became the same so called Muslim state as Egypt, Iran and Iraq are. However, those who were behind the division of Allah's parterre Pakistan, Allah bestowed them and their families with such soul shaking and horrible return in this world that until now they have forgotten to bury their loved ones with natural demise. However now even the families have changed. Somewhere the Italian citizenship intruded and on other places, people belonging to other parterres now appear as the leaders of these so called Muslim states.

Our parterre is deserted and desolated. We have not been capable of trimming and beautifying it. We had rather destroyed its beauty with our own hands. Many of us have been trying to pull off the nameplate from it carrying Allah's name on it. But my Allah loves those who had left their houses carrying their own nameplates, for the sake of coming to this land just because it had men of Allah and Allah's name on its label, registry and ownership documents. In this Ramzan, those divine cognitive visionaries who are men of Allah, where they consider love for Allah and Holy Propohet s.a.w the basic ingredient of Eemaan (The Divine Belief), there they also consider the love of Pakistan the symbol of Eemaan (The Divine Belief). Just because, this is the only division amongst all divisions in the world, that has been done in the name of Allah.

Those who pray day and night shedding tears of regret and ask Allah for mercy in the mosques every moment, they say that now is the time when good is about to be separated from evil. Lush green grass is about to be separated from piles of hay and dried up sticks. Ways are being parted and redeployed. The bat's days of hypocrisy have finished. Those who have looted this country, tried to destroy its roots and economy, their ways are about to be decisively parted from those who feel its pain and agony, those who want to serve the owner of this parterre. Those who walk on Earth with pride and speak in arrogance are about to face the horrible consequences of Allah's ruthless justice. There is a series of spiritually empowering signs and dreams which are being seen by pious people across the country. And now, these signs are not only visible to the visionary men of Allah, but to every common man. My Allah is even telling the common people now in their dreams, the signs of Pakistan's glory. These are the blessings of those Divine Orders which have been revealed on 25th night of Ramzan this year, the Night of Qadr, by Allah The Almighty. This parterre is about to shine with unmatched fragrance, and the days of its purification from diseases and ill-smelling hypocritical elements are very close.

It has been decisively said that the days of those hypocrite and arrogant people who intend to destroy this parterre, have been numbered. Every truthful person, wherever he exists, will now part ways from his evil surroundings and get himself separated from evil.

( Written by Orya Maqbool Jan {Urdu version} )

Translated & Edited by Enticing Fury
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