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Friday, September 2, 2011

Last Letter by a heroic Pakistani Soldier to his Wife

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Last Letter.
Major. Imran Ahmed, Punjab Regiment, 4th Batallion.
Miranshah, North Waziristan, F.A.T.A.
August 14, 2011
Mrs. Maira Imran.
74/1 Khayaban E Bahria Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

How are you dearest Maira? I hope you would be fine, i'm fine too. Maira perhaps this would be my last letter to you so keep it safe, at least till Zaid grows up. Yesterday was Zaid's 2nd birthday and I couldn't make it to come. How could I come? I don't have to work for a single family of ours but a family of 17 crore people. Give lots of love to Zaid from my behalf, and there's an envelope kept below the green file in the last drawer of our study shelf, give it to Zaid. I had written that letter and kept there before coming. It had a present for Zaid and a letter. Make him read that letter alone when he grows up.

By this time, i'm sure two tears would have fallen on this letter. I could never understand, Why are you ladies so very emotional? Don't bring up Zaid like this, I want my son to be brave and courageous like me. I have seen Zaid's photos and I never told you before, but I'm telling you today, he's exactly like you. His eyes, his hair, his forehead.. everything is just like yours. I never told it to you before because of my male ego, but thought of telling you now. Maira, this war is very tough because we have our own people on both the sides. And the real stage in a war is to stand against your own people. We often think ten times before pressing the trigger, but when the first bullet comes from there, we are forced to shoot back. The dwellers here are going through a very tough stage only so that we can use their homes for our operation. Every single person is somehow trying to give sacrifices for this land, after all this  sacred land is very wonderful.

Yesterday we were assigned duty in a school. For a soldier it isn't very exciting to work like a watchman of a school, thinking this I kept feeling dull for quite a long time. But when I saw little children singing the beautiful national anthem of Pakistan in their melodious voices, it cheered me up at once. Seeing those children sing the anthem without any fear, I felt very glad. The children knew, they are safe and no one can harm them since we were there.

A terrorist had planted a bomb in the school building. If we had evacuated, it could have caused much casualties. So I did what was my duty as a soldier who had to guard the little children of his land. I unfixed the bomb and grabbed it in my hands and ran out of the school building as fast as I could. The bomb blasted by the time I was out, and eventually I had been admitted here in the hospital. I have no regret for this Maira because those children have been saved. I had only joined the Army so that I could sacrifice my life for my precious Pakistan. I am a Shaheed (martyr) Maira, miss me in the same words. And also teach our son Zaid, that his father embraced martyrdom while serving this Pak Land on duty. Zaid is a lovely child Maira, and now you will have to look after him alone. I am advising you today before leaving this world, that make Zaid a soldier of this land too. There's a strange amusement in this duty Maira, an amusement of Shahadat (martyrdom), an amusement to sacrifice yourself for this land. Don't cry over my death rather be happy because I sacrificed my life and saved 300 innocent lives. So be proud of it.

Maira, now you will have to take care of yourself on your own. Call your parents to you, you are not used to living alone. Maira, when you will come at my ramp ceremony (funeral) bring Zaid along, and make him receive my uniform, my medals and my badges. I want him to feel like a soldier from now. And now I am just desperately waiting to get wrapped in the hilali parchum (Pakistan's flag) and be called as a Shaheed. I will come at my ramp ceremony to see how gaiety it is at the death of a Shaheed. I will get contented only when I will hear the bullets fired in air in my honour and then the sound of giving Salaami.  Now I say you good bye because after reading all this, neither you would be able to read more, nor am I able to write more. Take a lot of care of yourself and Zaid. You have Zaid as an amanat of this land. I shall wait for Zaid's shahadat (martyrdom). Take care.

With love,
Major Imran Ahmed, Punjab Regiment, 4th Batallion.

And yet, it's extremely unfortunate how most of us today, accuse, abuse and malign our Lion hearted Jawaans' shamelessly who serve this land beyond their selves, their families and their loved ones only to ensure us security and comfort. It's extremely shameful if a nation even forgets the value of their Shuhdaa and stops honouring them!

Xharaf Vsm 
Pakistan Cyber Force



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