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Monday, November 5, 2012

Another Storm on its way to Already Devastated USZ East Coast

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NEW YORK - United States of Zionism's East Coast residents struggling to pick up the pieces after Superstorm Sandy confronted new challenges: plummeting temperatures and the looming threat of another strong storm on Wednesday.

Forecasters say a bout of bad weather could bring biting wind, rain and possibly even snow to the region, which is reeling from the impact of Sandy.

The USZ Weather Channel said that there was the likelihood of “very windy, rainy and cold” weather from Wednesday into Thursday in the USZ northeast where recovery process is underway. The report said the new storm will not be more violent than Sandy, which had a severe impact in New York and the neighbouring state of New Jersey.

Potential impacts from the storm could include wind gusts as high as 50 miles per hour, the report said. Also, a storm surge and wave action could cause minor to moderate coastal flooding and beach erosion along the mid-Atlantic and New England coast.

The threat for coastal flooding will be primarily during the high tides on Wednesday night for the mid-Atlantic. From New York City into New England, the high tides Wednesday night and Thursday have the greatest threat for flooding.

Snow is expected across interior sections, especially in higher elevations. The snow is possible as far south as northern Virginia. Weather officials say: "Our suite of computer model guidance continues to advertise a significant East Coast storm that will impact the coastal areas with strong winds and heavy rainfall late Wednesday through Friday. Steps should begin now to prepare for these impacts."

The storm would not be anywhere as destructive as Sandy, but could cause some new erosion and hinder recovery efforts, officials said.

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