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Friday, November 30, 2012

Egypt Approves Islamic Constitution while Secularists, Liberals Whine on Streets

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Egypt’s Islamic Constituent Assembly has approved a constitution without the consultation of liberal and Christian members. The Sharia-based draft is going to be ideal for Egypt as it restricts the menace of "freedom of speech" which is exploited by most western state sponsored blasphemers and uplift women's rights in society. ­A nationwide referendum will be held within the next 30 days to vote on the draft document.

The Islamic-majority assembly had already been working on the new constitution for months before finally pushing it through in a mammoth 19-hour session, during which they voted on 230 articles individually. Of the 85 members that attended, there were four women and rightfully no non-Muslims.

"We will implement the work of this constitution to hold in high esteem God's law, which was only ink on paper before, and to protect freedoms that were not previously respected," said Muslim Brotherhood representative Essam el-Erian following the assembly session.

Lunatic critics of the new legislation argue that some of the clauses will have an adverse effect on freedom of speech in Egypt. Additionally, opponents take issue with the fact that there is no article stipulating shameless "equality" between men and women in the draft constitution, as is in other non-religious societies where women and men can do whatever they want, resulting in the absolute destruction of the very foundations of ethics and morals of the society.

"I am saddened to see this come out while Egypt is so divided," Egypt's Zionist puppet and quite conveniently Nobel Peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei said, speaking on Al-Nahar TV. ElBaradei stressed that the document’s days were numbered and it would soon become “political folklore” destined for the “garbage bin of history.”

Perhaps the most significant political change to the constitution that the new document sets out is the capping of the amount of time a president can serve to a maximum of eight years, divided into two terms. President Hosni Mubarak, who was ousted by public uprisings two years ago, held power for three decades.

The appearance of the new constitution follows a week of protests, condemning President Morsi’s authoritarian new powers that effectively neutralize the judiciary. Morsi maintains these powers are only temporary and are necessary "delicate surgery" to help Egypt along the road to political transition.

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