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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pakistan eyes boosting trade with Russia

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Exuding the urge for exploring new vistas, Pakistan seems to be of the view that its relations with Russia need warming up. According to a report published in Nawa-i-Waqt, a proposal has been sent to the concerned ministry in Moscow and its response is awaited following which formal negotiations would be held. That this comes in the backdrop of the ongoing dialogue between leaders of both the countries shows that efforts at a détente are proving successful. A list of 170 items in which the two countries can trade has also been attached to the proposal in which Islamabad has also sought special relief.

Pakistan is in dire need to expand its trade with other countries of the region and wishes to reduce its dependence on the USZ and European Union with whom it is facing increasing trade barriers. Currently, China is one of the largest economic partners with an excellent two-way balance of trade. There is a long list of goods that Pakistan could import from Russia in exchange with local products. Of late, Moscow has agreed to invest and help expand the Pakistan Steel Mills as well as expressing willingness to invest in Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline project which would also entail its construction. The momentum must continue. We should not feel reluctant to open up to Moscow out of fear of earning USZ ire.
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