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Saturday, November 17, 2012

And the Zionist Destruction of the Middle East Continues..

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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says that he will not flee his country, but rather issued a warning to the Zionist-controlled US that the “cost of a foreign invasion of Syria – if it happens – would be bigger than the entire world can bear … This will have a domino effect that will affect the world from the Atlantic to the Pacific.” The Turkish President Abdullah Gul said that NATO was in talks with his country for installing for deployment a defense system to counter Syrian missile threats. Pairing up with NATO against Syria is a strategic move because of the positioning of the country in correlation to the necessities of the proxy war in Syria because “these types of contingency plans, have for a long time been considered within NATO.”

Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State believes that the US needs to move on from their support of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and find another terrorist faction to assist them in their proxy war in Syria. Once viewing the Syrian National Council (SNC) as a viable transitional government to install in Syria after taking down Assad, Clinton now has her doubts. Clinton said: “We’ve made it clear the SNC can no longer be viewed as the visible leader of the opposition. They can be part of a larger opposition, but that opposition must include people from inside Syria and others who have a legitimate voice that needs to be heard.”

UN Syrian envoy head Lakhdar Brahimi is convinced that Syrian violence will consume the entire Middle East region unless “addressed”. Lakhdar said: “This crisis cannot remain within Syrian borders indefinitely. Either it will be addressed or it will increase … and be all-consuming.” This extends to Iran as the devastation in Syria is also an indirect attack on the sovereign nation. Globalist think-tanks like the Brookings Institute publish propaganda in mainstream media demonizing Iran as “the most criminal regime on earth” for not wanting to participate in the Zionist-supported takeover of sovereign nations in the Middle East. The globalist plans to bring war to Iran in 2013 can be revived now that Obama was “re-elected”.

In September, Ali al-Naimi asserted that Iranian oil prices were low enough to not cause a global crisis yet. With Saudi Arabia being Iran’s biggest competitor in oil sales, global oil demand was likely to be muted over the next year and supply and inventory levels looked comfortable, implying there was no need to release emergency stocks to curb prices. The US government, still flying drones over Iran, had one of those drones shot at by Iranian jets. George Little, spokesperson, said that the drone was conducting “routine surveillance” over the Gulf, and keeping watch over US interests. However, it is obvious that the US is engaging in covert operations against Iran, which sparked the violent response.

The US Air Force Predator drone was allegedly unarmed. Using this aggressive response by the Iranian government, the Obama administration has now twisted the situation to justify raising “concerns” about using military action against Iran to secure oil interests in the Gulf. In demonstrations manufactured to serve US propaganda, thousands of protesters gathered in Iran chanting “death to America”. Those same rioters burned Israeli flags and shouted “anti-Israeli slogans”.

Other manufactured flag burning was facilitated by Pastor Terry Jones last September to fuel attention toward demonizing the Islamic world in preparation for a coming war. Jones is a long-time CIA asset, trained by the shadow agency, who also has ties to the Israeli Mossad and the P2 Masonic Lodge. Proposing what would happen if Israel attacked Iran in a bombing campaign, a British film brought Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s threats to life. The documentary shows Israeli politicians, military officials and other influential experts choosing sides and role-playing in a game of nuclear consequences.

As Israel chooses to continue to threaten Iran off and on, there has been a viable underestimation of Iran’s ability to retaliate. And the US-backed rhetoric places many sovereign nations in the Middle East at the precipice of a regional war. General Martin Dempsey and Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak came to an agreement to stave off an attack on Iran as it would severely impair American armed forces from achieving their goals in the region. This plan supports the efforts of the Zionist-controlled nations to strike Iran at a more advantageous date.

Though Barak doubts US diplomacy will result in halting Iranian enrichment of uranium, there is the hope that sanctions will destroy the country without the need for a military strike. Netanyahu appointed Avi Dichter as the new civil defense minister to prepare for the expected “bombardment” of missiles and rockets in the eventuality of war with Iran. He is investing to “strengthen the home front” by installing bomb shelters in strategic areas around the country.

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