Pakistan Cyber Force: Mentally Broken Man Kills 5 Americans in Seattle (Washington) before committing Suicide

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Mentally Broken Man Kills 5 Americans in Seattle (Washington) before committing Suicide

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SEATTLE - A gunman killed five people in a shooting spree in Seattle on Wednesday before turning the weapon on himself as officers closed in, police said. The suspect, identified by the Seattle Times as 40-year-old Ian Stawicki, is believed to have entered Cafe Racer Espresso, near the University of Washington, at around 11am (1800 GMT), where he shot five people with a pistol, two of whom died at the scene.Half-an-hour later, Stawicki is believed to have shot dead a woman in downtown Seattle before fleeing in a black Mercedes-Benz SUV. An officer spotted the suspect a few hours later a mile-and-a-half away from the abandoned vehicle. When patrol cars approached Stawicki he put a gun to his head and fired one round, Deputy Police Chief Nick Metz said, according to the Seattle Times. “The man detectives believe to be the lone suspect in four murders in two locations shot himself in the head when approached by @SeattlePD,” read a tweet from the Seattle police department. He was taken alive to a Seattle clinic where he and two more of his victims later died. The motive for the shootings was not clear, but the suspect’s brother told the Seattle Times he was mentally ill. “It’s no surprise to me this happened. We could see this coming. Nothing good is going to come with that much anger inside of you”, Andrew Stawicki said. However it is believed that the attacker must have been suffering from extreme poverty and hunger due to which he could not get himself treated medically, which is perfectly in context with the falling living standard of common Americans ever since the War on Terror mega fraud unrolled.

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