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Friday, June 1, 2012

Eugenicists killing Men Sperm Count; Hail New World Order

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Researchers at the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health at the University of Edinburgh are working hard to decipher a male contraceptive pill. There appears to be a need to render men “voluntarily” infertile, as these scientists uncover the gene Katnal1, which is an imperative during the final stages of producing sperm.

According to the study , “The identification and characterization of this gene, will further our understanding of how male fertility is promoted, while also providing important information relevant to the development of male contraceptives.” The research, funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC), was based on altering the genetic code of mice to discover mutations which led to infertility.

Katnal1 contains blueprints for proteins, which are integral for cell production and facilitate sperm production. Essentially, without protein, sperm are dysfunctional and most likely disposed of naturally. Dr. Lee Smith, one of the lead researchers hopes to use this discovery to create a synthetic way to stop the human male from producing sperm. Smith stated that: “If we can find a way to target this gene in the testes, we could potentially develop a non-hormonal contraceptive.”

Dr. Allan Pacey, senior lecturer in andrology at the University of Sheffield, believes that there is a real need for a male non-hormonal contraceptive. Pacey remarked: “The key in developing a non-hormonal contraceptive for men is that the molecular target needs to be very specific for either sperm or other cells in the testicle which are involved in sperm production. The gene described by the research group in Edinburgh sounds like an exciting new possible target for a new male contraceptive.” The research, funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC), was based on altering the genetic code of mice to discover mutations which led to infertility.

The MRC is a corporation based out of the UK. After being commissioned by the UK government, the MRC became of corporation by decree of the Medical Research Committee and Advisory Council Act of 1919. They are directed by the Minister of Health, Secretary for Scotland and Chief Secretary for Ireland, which was responsible for funding the council.

They are governed by their executives that control scientific research through oversight and encourage findings of the MRC be applied in the public scientific industry.

In 1946, the MRC conducted a study corporation wherein they wanted to discover how to better control the population growth in the UK. Their study was purely in line with the Eugenics theories of the time. They identified national policy problems concerning birth rates as:

• Cost of maternity
• Class differences
• Education level of those becoming pregnant
• Ability to earn a living
• Age of those who were pregnant

Funding for this study came from various foundations known for supporting the Eugenics agenda. Some of those are:

• The Ford Foundation
• The Eugenics Society
• The (US) Population Council
• The European Commission

The University of Edinburgh is where the study to locate the gene to render men infertile was conducted. They are a supporter of the Centre for Population Change (CPC). The CPC is a small independent research group that focuses on “fertility and family formation” and the socio-implications of population on communities in the UK. This “research group” is simply a front for modern-day Eugenics studies.

The eugenicists have located the gene responsible for causing a human male to become fertile, and are working on how to turn that gene off. It would appear that they are one step closer to controlling population growth and subsequently cause the current growth rates to diminish with this one discovery.

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