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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Brilliant Pakistani students develop "Cheeta" Robot

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Karachi: Amid deliberately orchestrated chaos and anarchy by the terrorist political gangs, the hardworking Pakistani students continue to struggle for excellence, following the footsteps of their rough and tough forefathers who made it to achieve homeland of their own despite thousands of hardships. 

It has emerged that students of Sir Syed University for Science and Technology are exploring their skills in robot technology as another group of students of the university has made a robot which could be used for defence purpose.

Five member group of Electronics Department of the university has claimed to have made a robot named “Cheeta” which could be used to perform several task including defence purpose, reports Nai Baat. The group led by Adnan Ahmed comprises Faraz Lodhi, Zaid Shafiqui, Naveed Baloch and Jageer Ahmed.

“Cheeta is basically a micro control base robot which completes the given task by following a line. The robot can reduce the number deaths if we use it in mining,” the Urdu daily quoted Adnan as saying.

“The robot can also be used in defence purpose and it can also control traffic. All the parts which we have used to make this robot are available in the local market,” he added. The robot gained third position in Robo Com 2012 competition held in the university recently.

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