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Thursday, May 24, 2012

USZ Nuclear Submarine Catches Fire - Safe Nukes?

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A fire on the nuclear-powered submarine USZ Miami at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard dry docks has injured six people. The vessel’s reactor is reportedly intact and poses no danger to public health but little can we trust on such mostly false reports assuring public safety and therefore, the nearby public has been warned of radiation. ­It took fire crews from at least three states six hours to contain the blaze, which started Wednesday evening. Six people were reported injured. Four of them have received treatment, shipyard officials reported. The fire broke out in the forward compartment of the submarine, where the ship’s living quarters and command and control center are located.

The sub’s reactor in the rear part of the vessel was not affected. It was not operating at the time the fire started. The nuclear reactor “remains in a safe and stable condition, as it has been since this event occurred,” shipyard spokesman Capt. Bryant Fuller said. However defence analysts have raised serious question marks on the safety of American nukes after an alarmingly growing number of such incidents in the United States of Zionism. The USZ Miami is a Los Angeles-Class attack sub that was launched in 1988 and commissioned. It has been in dry dock since March 1 for maintenance and upgrades. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is located on an island in Kittery, a town near Portsmouth.

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