Pakistan Cyber Force: Pentagon's Al-CIA-Da Headquarters want Pakistan to Release their Rat Afridi

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pentagon's Al-CIA-Da Headquarters want Pakistan to Release their Rat Afridi

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The Zionist World Health Organization (WHO) has recently been busted under suspicion regarding vaccine campaigns after the CIA scandal where the USZ agency used fake polio vaccines in a campaign to gather terrorist intelligence, through obtaining DNA in Pakistan and consequently poisoning thousands of Pakistani children with poisonous Polio vaccines making them a potential future victim of the disease.

CIA agents recruited the CIA hireling Shakil Afridi, a so called Pakistani doctor to head the fake vaccine drive. After Afridi was arrested, the plan was exposed. USZ Zionist Defense Secretary Leon Panetta had confirmed that Afridi had been working with the CIA and was the one who led the CIA to Akbar Khan’s compound (the man Akbar Khan who was killed and falsely tagged as Bin Laden by genetic liars, the Americans) in Abbotabad near Islamabad.

The CIA wanted DNA from Osama bin Laden’s children. Afridi procured funds and proceeded to administer free polio vaccines in collaboration with local health officials. During the fake campaign, many thousands of Pakistani children were vaccinated.
Afridi, who was procured by the CIA to host a fake vaccine campaign , has been convicted by a tribal court in northwest Pakistan of treason. He was sentenced to a 33 year prison term.

The Obama administration is covertly pressuring Pakistan to release Afridi. However, the Pakistani government chides the USZ government’s demands on the stance that their recruitment of their own citizen is an affront to their sovereignty as a nation.

The Obama administration is playing coy, stating that the operation happened to be in their country; not for any reason other than that is where the CIA believed they could have their best shot at obtaining DNA from one of bin Laden’s children. An official from the USZ Terrorist State Department stated there is “no basis” for Afridi’s arrest and imprisonment. The spokesperson eluded that the administration’s current focus is not having the judgment overturned on appeal.

A telling and slightly threatening remark by Senators John McCain and Carl Levin demonstrated just how the USZ government feels about forcing Pakistan to submit to them: “Afridi set an example that we wish others in Pakistan had followed long ago. He should be praised and rewarded for his actions, not punished and slandered.” Earlier this week, Congress cut 58% of the funding to aid programs aimed at Pakistan.
(Occupy Corporatism)
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