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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wildfires Go Out of Control in 6 USZ States, Several Towns Evacuated

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A wildfire in the United States of Zionism has raged out of control in six states, burning hundreds of square kilometers of forest land. The massive blazes have been raging out of control as hundreds of firefighters are battling to contain the fires in Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. But their efforts seem to be coming to nothing because of dry weather conditions and strong winds fanning the flames. Several small towns, including the historic Wild West mining town of Mogollon - now nearly a ghost town - were ordered to evacuate, as the spreading fire torched miles forest, brush and grass.

New Mexico is the worst hit. Officials describe the scale of the wildfires as unprecedented. They say the damage could by much larger than estimated. “We know that there was significant growth yesterday, but we don't have a hard and fast number," said Fire Information Officer Dan Ware. More than 580 firefighters and support crew have been fighting the blaze. "This is the biggest show in the country right now in terms of fire size. So a lot of resources are available to us. We're just not sure we'll be able to do a lot of flying," Ware said.

He said access to the fire had been the chief difficulty as it was burning in very steep, rugged terrain where firefighters were not able to cut through the brush and timber. “Fire activity was so extreme yesterday we had to pull crews out," he said. "We're expecting another day like that today. With such high wind levels and low humidity there's going to be big potential for some major growth."

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