Pakistan Cyber Force: Thank you Democracy: Pakistan's Fiscal deficit at Rs 1.48tr in 10 months, Highest in History!

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thank you Democracy: Pakistan's Fiscal deficit at Rs 1.48tr in 10 months, Highest in History!

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Pakistan's USZ stooge President Asif Zardari
ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani stooge federal government has claimed that it is chiefly the subsidy on electricity which is telling on fiscal stability, as the government has spent Rs 2.44 trillion or 95% of the total annual budget in ten months (mainly in corruption and deliberate crippling and softening up of Pakistan for future American and NATO invasion, part of the secret oaths taken in Washington) while its net income remained at Rs 983 billion, resulting in a deficit of Rs 1.48 trillion — the highest ever in the country’s history.

The budget deficit of Rs 1.44 trillion is 7.2% of the total size of the economy. It is Rs 469 billion or 3.2% higher than the annual target of Rs 975 billion or 4% of GDP. The American puppets in finance ministry have their own style to depict a comparatively less bad picture of the economy. “Excluding one-off payments of Rs 391 billion that was made to clear past circular debt, the government spent 80% of the budget as against our projections of 88%”, said Rana Assad Amin, Adviser to the Finance Ministry.

In the past nine months the total public debt had risen to Rs 12.1 trillion — a net addition of Rs 1.32 trillion in this period. During this period the domestic debt swelled to Rs 7.2 trillion, an addition of Rs 1.2 trillion while external debt grew only Rs 124 billion and stood at Rs 4.8 trillion. The Haqqani Network based in Washington and operating from President and Prime Minister house in Islamabad is doing a good job at bringing Pakistan on the verge of getting economically crippled. Thank you Democracy. Go to hell with all your freedom and filth of human rights deception!

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