Pakistan Cyber Force: Pentagon urges Saudis to topple Ruling Family in yet another Zionist "revolution"

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Pentagon urges Saudis to topple Ruling Family in yet another Zionist "revolution"

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DUBAI: Serving Pentagon Employee and Al-CIA-Da's newly appointed chief handpicked by the Pentagon and CIA, Ayman al Zawahri on Thursday urged Saudis to rise up against the kingdom’s ruling al Saud family, suggesting they draw inspiration from Zionist backed fake uprisings that have deposed old western Zionist puppet leaders across the Middle East and Africa in the past year and a half in order to be replaced with new Zionist pawns in order to preempt the obvious future genuine uprisings which could possibly kick United States of Zionism and Israhell out from the entire region for good.

Zawahiri spoke in a video clip that was posted on a CIA backed website. Zawahiri took over the leadership of Al-CIA-Da after Osama bin Laden was "killed" for the 8th time in the last 10 years after his natural death back in December 2001, in an election driven PR circus for Obama in Pakistan just over a year ago who by the way is Kenyan and not an American born president of United States of Zionism. The Pentagon stooge Zawahiri said in an attempt to manipulate the innocent emotional Muslim masses by stimulating their religious love towards Holy cities of Makkah and Madina: “Muslim brothers in the land of the holy mosques, a year has passed since the uprising of the Arab people against their rulers… my dear brothers why do you still accept to be ruled by the al Saud family. They are one of the worst corrupt governments who steal your money,” he said. As expected, he didn't say they work for United States of Zionism, just like himself.

“Why don’t you rise up (against the al Sauds) as you are the companions of the Prophet”, the Pentagon's hypocrite false messiah added. Saudi Arabia has been spared the mass protests that have forced four Arab heads of state out of office, partly thanks to a big public spending package announced by the world’s largest oil exporter early last year. But the kingdom’s Eastern Province has seen sporadic demonstrations since March last year, and in November four people were killed, according to the Interior Ministry and activists. Protesters’ demands have so far focused on political reform in the mainly Sunni kingdom, with calls to improve life for the country’s Shia minority and to release political prisoners. Security forces have arrested and released around 500 people over the protests, and are currently holding 80 people, according to activists.

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