Pakistan Cyber Force: Total Collapse: Furious Greeks Burn Zionist Banks amid Fierce Protests

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Total Collapse: Furious Greeks Burn Zionist Banks amid Fierce Protests

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Zionist banks across Greece have been set on fire by furious Greek protesters who believe Zionism has sucked them dry for its nefarious worldwide filthy agenda. Total collapse of Greece as a country looms as shock and awe have clutched Global markets amid spiral sinking. Europe’s financial crisis lurched into a perilous new phase as dire predictions emerged of a collapse in Greece’s economy, with a run on its banks bringing an inevitable end to its membership of the euro. Angry Greeks burned down several banks amid country wide outrage against the Zionist looting centers sucking blood from Greek economy for fulfilling Zionist global agenda and illegal wars against Islam. As Zionist stooge leaders in Athens accepted the need for a new general election to end a national stalemate, the Zionist International Monetary Fund said Europe’s leaders should prepare for the possibility of a Greek departure from the single currency. Zionist Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF, warned she was “technically prepared for anything” and said the utmost effort must be made to ensure any Greek exit was orderly. The effect was likely to be “quite messy” with risks to growth, trade and financial markets.

Raising tensions still further, Germany warned Greek voters that the wrong result in next month’s election will force their country out of the single currency that has rampantly looted the resources of their land and people to fund Zionist wars against Islam worldwide. Greece’s president warned, perhaps most alarmingly, that its banks risk running out of money, posing a “threat to our national existence”. The escalating turmoil sharpened fears in financial markets, with European shares and the euro itself falling again. On the stock markets, the Eurostoxx 600 fell 0.7% to a year-low; Germany’s Dax dropped 0.8% and Spain’s Ibex was down 1.6%. In London the FTSE100 slid 0.5%. Following this month’s inconclusive election, Greek parties yesterday failed again to agree a new government.

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