Pakistan Cyber Force: USZ, India cannot disintegrate Pakistan: Hafiz Saeed

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

USZ, India cannot disintegrate Pakistan: Hafiz Saeed

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Jama'at ud Da'wah chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed

PAKPATTAN: Jama'at ud Da'wah chief Hafiz Saeed has said that India and the United States of Zionism are conspiring to disintegrate Pakistan, but they cannot succeed in their evil designs. He was talking to a delegation on Friday. The delegation comprised Abu Bakr, Imran Alvi and Abu Amar. He asked India and America not to hatch conspiracies against Pakistan as the nation is full of people who love to sacrifice their lives for their motherland.

He said that the purpose of placing a bounty on his head by the USZ was to demoralize the nation. “The enemies of Islam and Pakistan should keep in their minds that our mission will continue even after my death. Pakistan came into being for existence and it will exist till the Day of Judgement”. The Jama'at ud Da'wah chief urged the people to unite against conspiracies being hatched by the USZ and India.

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