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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Revealed: Brits in Syrian terror gangs

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Revelations by a Dutch journalist who was held captive by anti- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad armed groups in the country show the terrorists are not Syrian people as western governments claim, and are rather foreign elements.
Dutchman Jeroen Oerlemans and British journalist John Cantlie were released on Thursday after being held by a group of Free Syrian Army members for a week.
Oerlemans told Dutch media after their release that some of the 30-to-100-strong Free Syrian Army gang, who arrested him and his colleague while crossing the border from south east Turkey near their camp, had "Birmingham accents".
The gang comprised at least six people with British accents including one with a heavy south London speech tone, The Sunday Telegraph reported.
Reports also said no Syrians were present in the terrorists’ camp where almost 40 percent spoke English while other immoral beings were from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Chechnya.
The British Foreign Office has announced they will investigate the presence of British nationals among anti-Assad gangs.
This comes as Britain, the US, Israeli regime and some regional governments including Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been accused of providing arms and forces to Syrian terror groups.
Revelations earlier this year showed British and American spy agencies are providing full intelligence support to anti-Assad terror cells while separate disclosures told of Britain running covert operational centers in several locations in Syria and training terrorists.
(Press tv)
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