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Friday, July 20, 2012

The aftermath of resumption of NATO Supplies

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Ground Lines of Communications (GLoC) which are commonly known as NATO supplies are the main source of all sorts of logistics for the Allied forces in Afghanistan. These supplies have been going through Pakistan until 26 November 2011 when US forces crossed the durand line and martyred several Pakistani Army Soldiers and Officers and hence humiliating the entire Pakistani nation. Apparently US has been calling Pakistan an ally while practically such deliberate attacks makes it conspicuous that US and its allies are not considering Pakistan as an ally rather their arrogance towards Pakistan is quite humiliating. Consequently Pakistan stopped the GLoCs and demanded US for an apology and to probe the complete matter punishing the culprits. The impudence of US and their allies continued for eight months until they finally had to kneel down in front of Pakistan's demand of apology.

This was just a background that I wanted to give you before commencing upon my article and presenting arguments on why the NATO supplies must be stopped permanently. The war crimes of the allied forces in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries have always been kept behind the curtains by mainstream media but the truth is evident that millions of innocents have been killed or literally slaughtered by the allied forces under the false label of quest for "terrorists". Hundreds of villages in Afghanistan have been flattened by the carpetted bombing of the lethal aircrafts of the allied forces but the criminal silence of mainstream media is always questionable. So, will we be allowing such state terrorism by opening up the NATO supplies? What is our moral duty in this regard? I reckon, any sane person's reply will be that the NATO supplies must be stopped permanently as any human cannot put the lives of millions of people on stake.

US and its allies are looking to pull out of Afghanistan until 2014 but does it practically sound as simple as they enunciate it? Lets take a quick look at the official figures about the NATO supplies. There are a total of 7834 containers currently in Pakistan awaiting to be rolled into Afghanistan. In these containers, there are a total of 3851 heavy military vehicles and heavy armoury with all sorts of lethal weapons. How can we accept the US' claim of leaving Afghanistan after knowing these numbers? With such a heavy influx of weapons into Afghanistan, we can easily assimilate that US is in no mood of leaving the region by 2014 and that means a big question mark on Pakistan's National security as all the terrorism in Pakistan originates from Afghanistan as well as the deliberate attacks on Pakistan by the terrorists of the allied crusaders can always cause problems for Pakistan. Pakistan will be compromising its National security if it allows NATO supplies to flow through Pakistan and this is what is commonly known as 'suicide'!

Recent revelations proved that as much as 11000 NATO containers went missing in the last 9 years and these containers were carrying lethal weapons which would have easily fallen at the hands of terrorists and we witnessed this. Who would need the local Dara Adma Khel-made AK-47s when one gets the high-tech American weapons and that too for free? The low-intensity war in Pakistan will be intensified that has been carried out under the banner of TTP, BLA and other terrorists outfits claiming thousands of lives and the recent cross-border terrorism in Bajaur and other FATA regions is a clear prove that NATO is financing the terrorists and motivating them to attack Pakistani troops in the guise of Taliban and hence trying to malign the credibility of the Taliban of Afghanistan as well.

Global media is on fire already of a Pakistan based Al-CIAda threat to London Olympics! Pakistan is being clearly set up for a 911 styled false flag operation and subsequent UN sanctions and invasion in the same way as they did in Libya and Iraq and currently trying in Syria. The resumption of NATO supplies amid the threats of a possible false flag attack on London Olympics has posed a new challenge for Pakistan which cannot be ignored.

In such circumstances, trusting the USZ and its allies who have a very bad track record of arrogance and impudence, it will not be a wise decision to resume the GLoCs as they are posing a major threat to the National security of Pakistan. The Pakistani military must overlook this situation and make sure that the Defense of Pakistan must not be compromised and given in the hands of corrupt and incompetent government.

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Written By: Faraan Khan

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