Pakistan Cyber Force: Thar Coal, Kala Bagh Dam projects Must for Industry: Report

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Thar Coal, Kala Bagh Dam projects Must for Industry: Report

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LAHORE – Projects like Thar coal and Kalabagh dam are among best choices for power generation to overcome energy shortfall in the country. Vice President, Anjuman Tajran Sanitary-ware Mian Muhammad Saleem said in a statement here on Sunday.

He said that the Akhori dam project could not be a substitute to the Kalabagh Dam as power generation capacity of KBD was almost 600% more than Akhori. He said that sanitary-ware was among the worst power shortfall affected industries of the country and demanded urgent steps for its revival. He said that use of generators to produce electricity to meet production demand in small industrial units was neither viable nor economical.

Industries, like sanitary-ware, needed cheap electricity which can only be obtained through hydro or coal resources, he said and expressed hope that the government would make efforts to develop consensus among provinces for starting the KB dam and other big electricity generation projects.

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