Pakistan Cyber Force: The loopholes in UK's VISA process remains unquestioned as the Passport scandals surfaces

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The loopholes in UK's VISA process remains unquestioned as the Passport scandals surfaces

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The Passport scandal surfaced recently as a UK-based 'tabloid' has accused that some corrupt officials in Pakistan's NADRA and Passport offices are busy making fake Passports and sending "potential terrorists" to UK illegally. The tabloid carried out an undercover operation through their covert investigator and filmed everything. Such scandals amid the London Olympics have raised many questions but the role of British High Commission and other immigration authorities in all this illegal process still remains unquestioned by the international mainstream media. One obviously cannot clap with a single hand and that is why declaring the British authorities innocent in all this fiasco is just way too much ridiculous.

The tabloid which brought this scandal into the limelight is also totally silent over this matter and has not raised a single question against the British authorities putting all the allegations of Pakistani authorities and travel agents. But Pakistan Cyber Force will hereby raise some very legitimate question about the involvement of British authorities in this illegal process about which the mainstream media of the world is criminally silent as usual.

  1. How many employees of British High Commission took bribe in this process?
  2. Does British High Commission has no technology to detect fake passports? If this is so, then why no question has been raised against them as they possibly could themselves pose a terrorist threat to London Olympics which are just around the corner.
  3. Can someone enter UK with merely a passport? No! Visa is also needed for that, which is given by the British High Commission and that's why their role is obvious in all this matter. 
  4. Pakistan has arrested 12 NADRA employees and many others who are involved in this scandal. We haven't seen any action taken by the British authorities yet.
  5. What is MI-6 doing amid all this illegal process?
  6. Is  this scandal created only to blame Pakistan for a possible false flag attack on the London Olympics?
So, it will be very foolish to blame only the Pakistani officials in this regard and the exemption of British Authorities from any sort of accountability will be a shameless act. This is not the first time that a UK-based tabloid has created a conspiracy against Pakistan or its citizens. The most recent example was the spot-fixing scandal which was also put forth by a tabloid. If UK thinks that they can easily put the blame of any future false flag upon Pakistan then they are mistaken big time.
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Written By: Faraan Khan
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