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Monday, December 26, 2011

Current scenario of Pakistan - brief analysis

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The youngsters are getting effected by the “Virus” of the so called “western", democracy”, “human rights” and slogans alike, which are being used as instruments to destabilize Muslims countries in general, and  Pakistan in particular.

Earlier, the west used the instrument of “nation state” to topple the Muslim Universal State. “Democracy” is also an advanced form of “Divide and Rule”. Then it was based on “ethnicity” and populations were divided into “nation states”. These nation states are now being divided into political parties- smaller groups.

The cricket player turned politician Imran Khan is running rampant in the burger elite of Pakistan and other senseless, emotional Pakistanis who are fascinated with zealous speeches of Imran Khan are thinking of a revolution in the Islamic State of Pakistan followed by the drum beats and dance movements. The PTI leader is so much enthusiastic to bring an Islamic revolution (so called) in Pakistan and strive hard for its betterment that even if he has to gather finance to build up hospitals, he arranges musical concerts full of bey haayai for it. After all this is how Khilafah is going to be established in Pakistan?! People think at the very hour, Imran Khan is the only best choice left with.

Imran is not the best choice, do you even know, making such a decision would decide Pakistan's fate for a next few decades? Do you again want to push Pakistan in the same hell hole of chaos and anarchy? How can you find khair in the system of Kufr? It's sure, IK doesn't want to change the system even if he chant hollow slogans to establish Khilafat in Pakistan because there's no where in his manifesto that he wants to change the system of Suud and riba which means being at war with Allah and His Rasool s.a.w. In actuality he is just leading a hollow party to achieve some place in politics, to come in competition with other filthy political parties who are only looting and sabotaging Pakistan in one way or another for their personal gains and Swiss accounts. He has the same apologetic stance towards the USZ, compromised stance towards our Kashmir Brethren, same separate party flag instead of a single, united sabz hilali parcham!

We Pakistanis are an emotional nation, and sometimes get too blind in our emotion that we can't even see our good and bad.

The only “uniting” force of Pakistan, are the institutions ISI, and the Pak army who are fighting the enemy on multiple axes and the enemies within the land like the media malign the defenders of Pakistan shamelessly instead of supporting them. The treachery of the traitor regime has been exposed  completely in the Memo-gate Scandal and further is proved by the escapist stance of Mr. 10 percent. The extra ordinarily shameless and corrupt Zardari has not been showing up before the SC whereas the DG ISI and the COAS have shown up to the Supreme Court twice. This is what accountability is and itself distinguishes truth from falsehood.

Traitors in media conspiring against the Pak Army/ISI
courtesy: PakNationalists (Click image to Enlarge)

Ever since the corrupt regime is caught red handed for treason, there's a rampant hue and cry against the Pak Army/ISI on the entire media. Facebook/twitter and all other social networking sites are being flooded with anti-Army, anti-ISI propaganda (in reality anti-Pakistan propaganda) by the foreign backed snakes sitting in the media. Play your part in supporting/spreading the truth. Help defenders of Pakistan on every front if you love Pakistan and wish to defend it in anyway. Be a part of the truth spreading campaign, play your part by joining the "Operation Green Fog (Phase 3)".

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