Pakistan Cyber Force: 150 USZ-led Terrorist Invaders, 121 Puppets killed; 9 tanks, army bases wrecked - Afghan Operation Badar (23-25 Dec, 2011)

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Monday, December 26, 2011

150 USZ-led Terrorist Invaders, 121 Puppets killed; 9 tanks, army bases wrecked - Afghan Operation Badar (23-25 Dec, 2011)

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Operation Badar reports (Afghanistan)
(23 - 25 Dec, 2011)

These reports have been received from Mullah Mohammad Omar's official spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman of Islamic Emirate Qari Yousuf Ahmadi as well as some other on-ground sources in Afghanistan which include several cowardly puppet regime sources. War crimes committed by USZ, NATO and their cowardly puppets have been highlighted in red below.

  • December 23: A roadside bomb hit a NATO logistical convoy last night in Nawa district’s Nomro area, leaving a puppet escort security vehicle wrecked as well as killing all 5 puppets onboard.
  • An ambush at around noon time today on a joint ISAF-Afghan patrol in Khushk-e-Kohna district’s Tangi area killed 5 terrorist invaders and 10 of their puppets while several others were also wounded. It is said that a Mujahid was also injured in the 2 hour clash.
  • At least 2 puppet policemen were killed and 3 wounded later today at 04:00 pm when a roadside bomb ripped through their vehicle near Gerishk district bazaar.
  • December 24: An American tank was blown apart by an IED at 03:00 pm yesterday, killing 5 terrorist invaders onboard in Chini Manda area near Sangin district center where the wreckage is still lying.
  • There are reports arriving from Gerishk district that a USZ military helicopter was shot with an RPG after coming under an armed attack while flying at low altitude over Awpashak area late yesterday afternoon time. Officials and witnesses from the area say that the helicopter caught fire in mid-air before crashing to the ground in Kosa area near Helmand River. It is said that all 21 terrorist invaders and crew onboard were killed on impact. The wreckage is still lying in the area this morning whereas the area has been cordoned off by enemy troops. This comes as the terrorist invaders announced that they had recently started using remote-controlled helicopters and airplanes during battle due to their air power coming under increasing attacks and being shot down.
  • December 25: A puppet police officer along with four cowardly policemen got killed in a roadside bomb attack hit their Corolla vehicle in Nowzad district of the province on Saturday.
  • All 6 USZ terrorist invaders were killed later Saturday as a result of a roadside bomb attack ripping apart their armored tank near the center of Disho district, Helmand province, an official said on Sunday.
  • A roadside bomb killed two USZ terrorist invaders and wounded another in the eastern Helmand province on Sunday. The terrorist invaders were doing a foot patrol in Sangin district of the province when a remote-controlled bomb detonated on them.
  • At least 5 NATO terrorist invaders were killed in a blast which ripped through a patrolling party doing a foot patrol in a village in Sangin district of Helmand province on Sunday.
  • A Mujahid sniper of the Islamic Emirate shot and killed three USZ-led terrorist invaders doing a foot patrol in Nad Ali district of Helmand on Sunday.
Beautiful scenes after a successful IED attack on terrorist invaders' military convoy
  • December 23: Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate launched heavy arms attack on the puppets’ army post with rocket, mortar and missiles taking out 2 puppets besides wounding several more.
  • In the early evening hours of Friday, Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate fought the puppets in Kunar’s Surkani province that lasted half an hour leaving two puppets killed and many others hurt, the report said.
  • December 25: A dozen of the puppets were killed in heavy army attack launched by Mujahideen combatants on their outpost in Kunar’s Shegal province early Sunday morning. At least 12 mortar rounds struck the outpost damaging it badly.

  • December 24: A deadly 1 hour clash broke out with hireling puppet troops in Panjwaee district’s Spanzo area yesterday afternoon when Mujahideen ambushed the enemy patrol. It is said that a mine also detonated on the puppets during the clash, causing the enemy heavy casualties who sustained 13 casualties in the deadly operation.
  • In the later afternoon time of Friday, 23rd December, Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate shot dead 2 puppet police during an ambush in Kamprak area of Maiwand district.
  • Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate carried out a heavy arms attack on Kandahar Airbase, the largest and of the strategic importance in the eastern Kandahar province last. Some two missiles landed in the base, the report indicates, without determining the resulting losses caused to the enemy.
  • December 25: A Mujahid sniper shot and killed a puppet soldier using heavy machine gun in the cent of Ghour district of Kandahar province on Saturday.

  • December 23: Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate in a half-hour long clash following an ambush attack aimed at the enemy’s patrol killed about half a dozen of the terrorist invaders in Muqur, Ghazni province on Friday.
  • December 24: On Saturday, a bomb explosion going off under the puppets vehicle in Ab Band district of Ghazni killed 3 puppets and wounded several more.
  • December 25: In the province’s Ab Band district, 5 terrorist invaders of the Polish forces were killed in a roadside bombing that stuck their tank on Sunday.

  • December 23: A report indicates that on Friday a landmine killed some 6 terrorist invaders as it went of under the enemy’s armored tank in the capital of Laghman province.

  • December 23: A severe fight was reported in Kabul’s Sarubi district on Friday. Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate confronted the puppets near the district building of Sarubi, prompting a half-hour long fight in which 7 cowardly puppets were killed, while two of their vehicles got destroyed without causing Mujahideen any harm.
  • December 24: A roadside bomb early Saturday morning detonated at an enemy ranger vehicle while traveling along Kabul-Jalalabad highway in Qarghayee, Laghman province tearing it apart and leaving all 7 puppets dead on-board.
  • Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate attacked the terrorist invaders’ military base today in Sarubi district, Kabul province, taking out 10 cowardly terrorist invaders and fatally wounding dozens more.
  • December 25: Eight Afghans died after they had drunk menthol alcohol at an engagement party last night in Kabul city, the capital of the country, a report states from Kabul province. According to the report at least 22 people aged from 18 to 28 years old drank the alcohol that resulted in killing 8 Afghans and  another 50 suffering from menthol-poisoning have been hospitalized in the hospital with critical condition. Witnesses say no one agreed to offer the funeral prayer for those died till they succeeded in finding an old man who said, “I would never ever agree to lead the funeral prayer if it were not for much insistence of the elderly people”.

  • December 23: 2 puppet policemen were killed and several wounded in Shahjoe district bazaar at 03:00 pm today when Mujahideen detonated a bomb planted in a bicycle when the enemy troops were manning a search point.
  • An ANA vehicle patrol passing through Seyuri’s Qala Baho area was torn apart by a landmine, killing all 8 puppets inside at around 12:00 pm today.
  • Hireling troops suffered deadly casualties when Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate shot and destroyed one of their vehicles with an RPG round during an ambush at noon time in Shahr-e-Safa’s Arhad area, taking out all 7 cowardly puppets onboard.
  • December 25: A roadside bomb blast in Zabul’s Nowbahar province struck enemy vehicle leaving 5 puppets dead on board on Saturday.

  • December 25: A report indicates a clash resulting from an attack by Mujahideen on the enemy patrol occurred in Khushi district of the province Sunday leaving 3 puppets dead with another two wounded.
  • At least 5 NATO terrorist invaders were killed in clash resulting from an ambush attack by Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate aimed the enemy patrol on Sunday. The fight continued for about half an hour leaving about five terrorist invaders dead and wounded in Baraki Barak district of the province.

  • December 23: Some 11 USZ-led terrorist invaders were killed with two of their tanks wrecked as a result of Mujahideen attack and bombing in Bati Kot district of Nangarhar province on Friday evening, a Mujahideen official said on Friday.
  • December 24: 5 cowardly terrorist invaders are reported to have killed with 2 more injured Friday eveing when Mujahideen had their tank detonated using improvised explosives in Ghani Khel district of the province.
  • A blast occurred when a number of NATO terrorist invaders and their puppets gathered around a landmine they had discovered in Spin Ghar district of the province and were about to neutralize the mine as it went off killing all 3 terrorist invaders and 5 of their cowardly puppets surrounding the mine on Saturday.
  • December 25: USZ-led terrorist invaders invaded a poor civilian's home and abducted him back to their base last night at about 4:00 a.m. local time in a late night raid in what the terrorist invaders had beaten up mercilessly on poor non-combatant civilians and stole their valuable and cash at gun-point, a Mujahideen official said on Sunday.
An American Tank annihilated by a devastating IED blast, middle portion flew off due to it
  • December 23: Officials from northern Faryab province say that an ambush at 04:00 pm in Khwaja Sofliyan area of Chilgazi district left 2 puppet policemen dead and another wounded whereas a Mujahid (Maulawi Amanullah) was also martyred (may Allah accept him) by enemy fire.

  • December 23: 6 terrorist invaders were killed on Friday in a bomb explosion detonating at the enemy’s armored tank while patrol mission in the district of Dirgi, Khost province.
  • December 25: At least 5 USZ-led terrorist invaders were instantly torn apart to pieces as soon as a roadside bomb detonated under their tank leaving it completely annihilated later on Saturday in Ali Shir district, Khost province, a Mujahideen official said on Sunday.

  • December 24: At least 21 workers were killed and five more were hurt in an explosion in coal mine in Nahrin district of northern Baghlan province on Saturday morning. The miners gathered near coal mine and set fire to keep themselves warm when the fire spread within the mine and an explosion occurred instantly killing some 17 miners.
  • A severe fight was reported in the eastern Baghlan province on Saturday. The fight unfolded in Tala Barfak district of the province following an attack aimed at the combined patrol NATO terrorist invaders and their cowardly puppets lasting for about an hour in which some 7 NATO terrorist invaders and 6 of their puppets were killed.

  • December 24: At least 5 cowardly puppets were reported dead and scores others got wounded in a clash with Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate in Chaghto district of Wardag province on Saturday.

    • December 25: Two missiles are said to have reportedly struck Bagram Airbase in Parwan province last night. However, it is not clear how many have been killed or wounded.

  • December 25: As many as 15 USZ-led cowardly terrorist invaders were taken out on Sunday in a devastating Mujahideen attack on their  military base in Nooristan province Noorgram district, a report said, adding that the base was largely destroyed whereas a number of military vehicles were also torn apart in the bombing.

  • December 25: A report from Farah states that later on Saturday a clash broke out between the USZ terrorist invaders and their cowardly Afghan puppets while on a combined patrol mission in Pasht Rowd district. The clash occurred when an Afghan soldier opened fire on the USZ terrorist invaders, as a result, a violent gunfight erupted killing 7 USZ terrorist invaders while the consequent fire by the USZ terrorist invaders killed some 6 ANA puppets. As matter of fact, many of such incidents have occurred prior to this in different parts of the country in which Afghan soldiers have killed and wounded several USZ-NATO terrorist invaders. Moreover, in the very month of December, 2011 an amazing incident occurred when an Afghan soldiers opened fire on the Austrian terrorist invaders, leaving some 12 of them dead and wounded.

  • December 25: On Sunday, according to a report from Paktika province, a puppet spy agent of NDS got shot and killed by a Mujahid in Omana district of the province.



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