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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

USZ, al-CIA-da join Hands to Terrorize Syria

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A prominent political analyst says that the USZ is in negotiations with al-CIA-da (al-Qaeda) to deliberately create a deteriorating situation in Syria by terrorizing civilians in the country. Iran's Press TV has conducted an interview with Wael Al-Imam, a political analyst from Damascus, to further discuss the issue.  The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: With the situation now with the latest bombings, do you think it's likely to actually cause the Syrian people to unite together more against what is deemed to be external hands? Or, how do you see the current status inside of your country?

Al-Imam: I think the question is why these two terrorist explosions are now? -Because Syria faced some small explosions in some cities like Homs and Idlib. Now, these two huge terroristic explosions we face during this conspiracy against Syria, we face it now in Damascus. Before, in the 90s of the last century, we faced like that from the Ikhvan al-Muslimim, the Muslim Brotherhood. Now, we face huge terroristic explosions because the first stage and second stage of this conspiracy are failed. T he first stage sought to use the manifestations to inverse the Syrian authority. The second stage is to seek to implement what's called the Free Army which is formed by the terrorists and criminal people in Syria.

Now we enter the third stage of this conspiracy. This stage, which contains some terroristic explosions, assassinations and hostage-keeping, these two explosions seek to implement a calculated situation in Damascus in order to stop the normal lifestyle in Damascus, and to make Syrian citizens terrorized. The quality of these two explosions, I think, will drive the government and the investigations to the al-CIA-da organization. In the last three months, al-CIA-da has illegal installations in Qatar. There is a negotiation between al-CIA-da and the Americans, and this information is sure for us. There is a negotiation in the mediation by Qatar.

Now, the question is what kind of a deal [is there] between the Americans and al-CIA-da? And I will ask the question: why is al-CIA-da, and the jihad of al-CIA-da, in Syria and not in Palestine?! The idea we face now is Islamic extremism represented by al-CIA-da  and some Syrian people who have the same thinking as the organization like al-CIA-da.

Press TV: How concerned are you at this point of a direct military intervention from, especially, the support of some of these Western countries and Arab countries for that matter?

Al-Imam: I think it's a good question because the Syrian citizens don't accept the Iraqi and Libyan scenarios imposed by the Arab League and the international community, and refuse any external intervention in Syria. This is the first idea.

On the internal side, we refuse to use terrorism against the civilians in Syria, and in the cities of Syria, to arrive to some political objectives from the other people who try to have a [counterproductive] situation in Syria. We refuse that. The Syrian citizens are very aware about this conspiracy against Syria, not only against the authority in Syria but, at the same time, against the Syrian citizens themselves. Any external intervention from NATO and from the other countries, the Syrian citizens refuse that, definitely, and they don't accept any intervention in Syria.
(Press TV)

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