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Friday, August 3, 2012

Todays Stock Market Activity Is EXACTLY What Happened Days Before 9/11

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Today Stock Exchange trading went off the charts with 2000% increases instantly. This is EXACTLY what happened 2 days before 9/11. It's happening again!
The stock market was already on edge because of the financial crisis in Greece. Images of mobs demonstrating in Athens were fuelling an underlying panic. There's a growing fear that a financial collapse in Greece could trigger a wave of financial trouble across Europe (and possibly even the world).
Early in the morning, some stocks swung wildly on unusually high trading volume, after what appeared to be technical miscues. The New York Stock Exchange said it was investigating unusual trades in 140 stocks.
Here are some of the stocks that had astronomical activity at 10AM this morning for no reason. I don't know what the abbreviations stand for, but I do know that at the top of the list is the US Government: This is the same group that increased 800% 1 day before 911 and made BILLIONS OF 911.
Kass also provides a list of stocks that are seeing WAY abnormally high volume compared to normal.
1973% GOV US Equity <- Same govt. funds that made billions off 911 !
 Who's increase was 800% 2 days before 911.
 1063% PL US Equity
 747% MTZ US Equity
 672% EXG US Equity
 578% N US Equity
 518% BG US Equity
 420% HOG US Equity
 407% TRN US Equity
 401% PIR US Equity
 388% PPO US Equity
 316% KRO US Equity
 314% DDD US Equity
 305% DOLE US Equity
 298% JWN US Equity
 262% HLF US Equity
 248% MCP US Equity
 248% NOK US Equity
 247% FRX US Equity
 238% FSL US Equity
 237% LH US Equ
Unusual Option Activity
Listed below are options with unusually high volume for the most recent trading session compared with average daily volume. The relative level of activity is expressed in the daily volume ratio, which represents the current day's volume divided by the average daily volume for the past month.
As Of 12:00 P.M. EDT Wednesday, August 01, 2012
Data provided by SchaeffersResearch.comity
The SEC's Investigation
Shortly after the 911 attacks the SEC circulated a list of stocks to securities firms around the world seeking information. 16   A widely circulated article states that the stocks flagged by the SEC included those of the following corporations: American Airlines, United Airlines, Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Southwest Airlines, US Airways airlines, Martin, Boeing, Lockheed Martin Corp., AIG, American Express Corp, American International Group, AMR Corporation, AXA SA, Bank of America Corp, Bank of New York Corp, Bank One Corp, Cigna Group, CNA Financial, Carnival Corp, Chubb Group, John Hancock Financial Services, Hercules Inc., L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc., LTV Corporation, Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc., MetLife, Progressive Corp., General Motors, Raytheon, W.R. Grace, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd., Lone Star Technologies, American Express, the Citigroup Inc., Royal & Sun Alliance, Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc., Vornado Reality Trust, Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter & Co., XL Capital Ltd., and Bear Stearns.
An October 19 article in the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the SEC, after a period of silence, had undertaken the unprecedented action of deputizing hundreds of private officials in its investigation:
The proposed system, which would go into effect immediately, effectively deputizes hundreds, if not thousands, of key players in the private sector.
In a two-page statement issued to "all securities-related entities" nationwide, the SEC asked companies to designate senior personnel who appreciate "the sensitive nature" of the case and can be relied upon to "exercise appropriate discretion" as "point" people linking government investigators and the industry. 17 
Michael Ruppert, a former LAPD officer, explains the consequences of this action:
What happens when you deputize someone in a national security or criminal investigation is that you make it illegal for them to disclose publicly what they know. Smart move. In effect, they become government agents and are controlled by government regulations rather than their own conscience. In fact, they can be thrown in jail without a hearing if they talk publicly. I have seen this implied threat time and again with federal investigations, intelligence agents, and even members of the United States Congress who are bound so tightly by secrecy oaths and agreements that they are not even able to disclose criminal activities inside the government for fear of incarceration. 18
The New York Stock Exchange said it was investigating unusual trades in 140 stocks. But don't expect a different result than the SEC!
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