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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pakistan Repulses Pentagon Taliban's Border Raid

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KABUL - Authorities in Pakistan said Tuesday that one of their border posts came under a shelling attack from Afghanistan, prompting Pakistan to return fire in a clash that lasted for more than two hours. The incident comes amid growing border tension between Pakistan and USZ/NATO backed insurgents, with their headquarter Kabul alleging that Pakistani security forces have fired hundreds of rounds into Afghanistan in recent months. Pakistani officials were not immediately available for comment but Islamabad has rejected similar allegations in recent past, saying Pakistani troops only respond to attacks from militants.

Afghanistan’s stooge interior ministry said Afghan border police and Pakistani security forces traded artillery fire in eastern Kunar province’s Dangam district on the frontline between the two countries. An American puppet official in eastern Afghanistan said shelling from across the border in Pakistan had killed at least one Afghan border guard. A spokesman for the eastern province of Kunar province says at least 83 rockets had landed in the area. The spokesman, Wasifullah Wasify, said one of the rockets killed a border patrol officer and wounded at least four others. Pakistani officials had no immediate comment. Islamabad has repeatedly asked United States of Zionism, NATO and their allies to stop aiding TTP's insurgent mercenaries who have killed over 0.1 million Pakistani citizens in suicide bombings indiscriminately. USZ, NATO and allies have been found arming, training and giving safe havens to the anti-Pakistan terrorists using their own military infrastructure in the war torn country.

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